Lane & Ashton

Our Love Story

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." – Marilyn Monroe

The Romance

My side of the story...
The Romance

It all started about two years ago. I work in radio and have an undying love for country music like no other. As a music junkie radio DJ does, I went to the Revolution Music Room in Little Rock for a night on the town with friends. We wanted to hear one of my favorite bands of all time, Randy Rogers Band. I remember working the room... saying, "Hi! Thanks for listening to KVOM" a million times. As I came across a group of rowdy guys below the balcony area; a friend of Lane's, Kyle, made a point to say a big hello to the local radio DJ. Kyle introduced me to all the guys in the small area.. some I knew, some I didn't... but I remember thinking Lane was a sweetie and a cute boy.... I said my hello's and goodbyes and then went to go look for my friend Laura.

I really didn't think I made that great of an impression on him or even think twice about that night. Also to be perfectly honest, I didn't remember it all clearly because It was pretty much a blur. The guys met numerous girls that night and were having a large time because they were celebrating someones bachelor party. A couple weeks go on... and I continue to work hard doing sales and my on air morning show at the radio station.

You know how sometimes in life you are at the right place at the right time? I've had a rocky road when it comes to my love life. Some things I won't ever bring up or mention ever again because they are not worth talking about or remembering. But there was a reason I went out that night with Laura. I of course didn't know it at the time, but maybe... just maybe it was to lead me to where we are today.

Two weeks after that night, I receive a phone call while I was at the radio station. It was May of 2011. And it was a voice that I barely remember ever hearing before. -But have grown to love it more and more with each day. "Hey, This is Lane Pruitt... I met you a few weeks ago at the Rev Room and I am friends with Matt (another client of mine) and I run the sale barn in Clinton and want to do some ads on KVOM... Do you think you can get that goin' for me?" I was immediately excited, not just because he sounded so handsome on the phone... but One- I was broke and needed to make some money with ads. Two- I was excited to make a fun ad that mentioned livestock and auctions -2 things that actually interested me believe it or not. So within days, I made him a funny commercial that had me singing in it and he sponsored "Trading Time" for several several months on air. Lane and I visited here and there with small talk... but nothing big came of it. In the back of my mind, I thought, does he like me? I wouldn't mind if he did...Nah, he just wants to be my friend....

As the summer continued I ended up buying a boat... I often refer to the "Night Owl" as my first "Big Girl" purchase. The countless hot summer days kept my friends and I occupied at the lake... where Lane just so happened to live a mile from. I remember one horrible incident at the lake towards the end of the summer. Laura and I were stranded. Of course I was proud of my boat... but keep in mind it is no jewel. It was all I could afford. But it made me happy, but at that moment, my "Independent Woman" attitude quickly left my body as I became scared to death that we would be stranded for life out there on the lake. As we think for hours of what to do, I then decide to call Lane and see if he could help.

At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do -just drink and wait for him to save us. He agreed to come and help us and we were elated. However, what probably was only 30 minutes of us waiting, seemed like an eternity and we finally saw a boat and started waving for help. Finally, we were saved! We were excited! It wasn't Lane though.-It was an older couple that was very excited to help two young dumb girls and they began tying the boat up for a tow. Just as we began to ride behind their boat, we then see Lane... who we honestly thought wasn't coming. But there is one thing about Lane Pruitt that I learned that day... When he say's he is going to do something, He means it. I feel horrible about that day still. He went through a lot of trouble going to get his dad's fishing boat... pulling it out there, driving to come get us... and then just as he arrives, we are leaving. The look on his face was one of disappointment. To this day, I hate talking about that day, because I can not stand to disappoint him or anyone I love for that matter.

The seasons change... we date other people and continue our lives. A huge change in my life happens and my sweet brother passes away and my emotions with life seem like they are on a roller coaster. We still have small talk here and there but nothing significant. Keep in mind, I was still embarrassed about him trying to come save us that one day on the lake. I remember calling him when I was putting up my tree stand and needed his help again.. and of course he comes to help. Now, he jokes and says "You only used to call me when you needed something.." And in a way, I see why he felt that way. But honestly, I couldn't see past more than just our friendship. Especially during that time... I felt so alone without my brother and of course I'd call someone when I needed a friend.

The beginning of 2012 was a year of something wonderful. Maybe it was because I opened my heart just a little for someone to move in... time had healed my broken heart from horrible relationships of my past, or maybe it was because someone *Scott* was and still is watching over me now... but Lane and I started hanging out more and more. He remained persistent. Could he really like me more than friends I thought...? We couldn't get enough of each other. We would go to concerts and out to eat... Oaklawn to the horse races, the lake, camp, Eureka Springs for a little get away... I would ride with him to get cattle for his sale and each moment we had together was more and more precious.

Today, we continue to grow in our love for each other and our future. I can not imagine being without him. Everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. I know that for a fact. December 24th 2012 will be a day that I can say.. changed my life. It was Christmas Eve. I had been begging to give him his gift weeks before though. I couldn't wait to give him his guitar I had bought. As I give him his gifts, he is very excited and loves them... I had no idea what was about to happen.

I sit down to open my perfectly wrapped present. We were exhausted from the day and just wanted to sit down and rest. We had seen all sides of our family and we honestly just wanted to come home after five minutes of us leaving the house. I rip open the gift and see its a jewelry box. I had asked for a large one, so I could organize all of it. Lane says, "Well, Take it out of the box... Do you like it?" Lane had been acting odd all day but I just thought it was because we were around all of our family. So I didn't think too much about it. When he asked me to take it out, I thought... Okay, that's weird. So, I did. I begin to examine the box... opening the bottom small drawers and sides where the necklaces go. I thought it was a cute box, and I say "Thank you!" Just as I open the top lid where the rings go, I see the diamond ring sitting perfectly waiting for me. I had no idea. I said, "Lane! There is a ring in there!" He then grabs it, pulls me close to give me a kiss. I then trip over the wrapping paper, and then he gets on one knee. Before he can even get out " Ashton, will you marry me? I love you..." I am saying, "Yes, I'll marry you! Yes!"

Of course I couldn't write about all of the crazy mishaps and funny little stories that got us where we are today... but this is the bread and butter of the story and as the Thompson Square country duo sings, "...and we planned it all out for the middle of June, to the wedding cake and the honey moon..." The rest is history. June 15, 2013 we will become one... and I can not wait to be Mrs. Lane Pruitt.


Once again, this is my side of the story... if you ask Lane there is no telling what he'll say..

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