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Restaurants & Bars

There's so much to try, we thought we'd point you to some of our favorite spots!

Restaurants & Bars

Apex - Huge beer selection, plenty of outdoor seating, hipster-watching galore
Los Gorditos - Order your delicious vegan (or meatfilled) burritos here and enjoy them while sitting at Apex next door.
Lauretta Jeans - incredible breakfast, pastries and pies
Tasty n Sons - Delicious! Meat lovers paradise - though there are great vegetarian options as well. Go for brunch or dinner or apps and cocktails
Salt & Straw - The best ice cream EVER! You have to go here at least once during your visit.
Teardrop Lounge - A great place for a great cocktail
Pok Pok - Fantastic, popular Thai place
Stumptown coffee - Portland's own coffee company. You'll find them all over town.
Departure - Swanky rooftop bar
Por Que No? - If you're looking for tacos, this is your place!

Food Blogs

There's just too much good food and drink to list it all! You can find great recommendations on this blog:

To learn more about various bars, check out Bar Fly Mag:

The Portland Monthly is also a great resource and includes a restaurant finder: