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3 more weeks

So I think that it's safe to say that I will not be Blog Queen of the year.  It's been so hectic these past weeks with school and all things wedding, that I can't get my head on straight. Last night we were in a wedding of our friend, Harry.  It was so magical!  Bonnie was beautiful!  Harry was handsome, and everything was just prefect!  Got to see a lot of people that we haven't seen in a while which was great!  It really got me thinking that no matter how...

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16 More Weeks

So 16 more weeks, and apparently, we’re behind on some stuff.   I thought that we were on the right path, but there’s more then just get decorations (thanks, lying wedding book!) we have to determine what kind, color, shape, item, holder, style, blah, blah, blah. So stress level is now apparent!   Woo hoo!  
We have registered though!   That was such a fun experience.   My favorite was Bed, Bath, and Beyond!   We spent like 3 hours in there....

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Week 24

So this is week 24 that Logan and I have been engaged and there’s a lot of stuff that has happened!   First, notice that the date on the website is finally right.   The wedding is Saturday, June 12 th , 2010.   It will be at Abridges Gardens in Hoover, AL at dusk.   We have a   caterer, Imperial Catering, and I’m totally excited about it.   We have our photographer, Wes Roberts, who is amazing!   Some of you may know him from Troy.   We know...


Week 6 1/2

Ok, so obviously I got carried away with the whole dinner thing….but it could have happened.   However, everything was perfect!!!!   It was so great and I couldn’t ask for a better future family-in-law.   I am totally happy!   Erin and Lance even gave us our first engagement present.   It was so sweet and represented a very vital part of Logan and I’s relationship. A very nice Turkish rug!!!   It’s so sweet!   For those of you who do not know the...



So we have a vendor!   We’re so happy!   It’s going to be at Aldridge Garden in Hoover, AL.   Here’s the website if you are interested in looking around. http://www.aldridgegardens.com/   We decided that we are going to have the ceremony by the lake and the reception in the pavilion.   It’s going to be so great!   I can’t wait.   Actually, I can wait because there are...


Week 2 (1/2)

So it’s the second-ish week and I’m totally excited that we went and looked at a couple of places to have the wedding.   We have two top picks and they are Aldridge’s Gardens and Sonnet House.      I’m totally excited about it!   They are both so beautiful!   There are pictures up showing us when we went to look at them.   I have to set up some appointments this week to meet with them.   Yeah!   Hopefully by the end of the week we will...


Week 1

Our first week has been a rollercoaster.  The night of July 4th when we were traveling back to Montgomery, we called everyone that we could think of.  Logan's parents were first.  Of course EVERYONE knew, so they were just waiting on an answer.  They were thrilled and told us how much they loved us. Next, in the line up was Russ, Logan's best friend.  He said that him and his wife were happy for us and wished us all the luck in the world. Next, I phoned my sister...