Shaun & Sara


Let us know you stopped by. Tell us how excited you are to drink free booze all night. Yes, free booze all night! WHOO HOO!

Mathilde Racette

May 7, 2011

Can't wait for 5:30! Hope you guys are not stressed out too much, wish you the best for this wonderful day!
And as we say in French: "Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux!"
See you tonite.
Gros bisous à vous deux!

Natalie and Mike

May 5, 2011

We're looking forward to Saturday!


May 2, 2011

So sorry I'm going to miss the great event and (most of all) the festivities. Best wishes to you both. Have fun and enjoy the ride!!


Apr 19, 2011

Can't wait for the big day! Shawn seems like a perfect match for you...see you in a couple of weeks chica.


Apr 11, 2011

Love the site! This is a really cool idea. I am so looking forward to the festivities.

Kristin Hahner

Mar 25, 2011

WAKA! Luv the website!

Jean Dunham

Mar 20, 2011

You had me at free booze...holla'! Congrats, so happy for you two!

Gayle Hilton

Mar 14, 2011

We're looking forward to celebrating this special day with you two and couldn't be happier.
Love you!! Mom

Gail Niechlanski

Mar 14, 2011

I can't wait for you two to tie the knot. You are perfect for each other and I love Shaun like he's been part of our family forever. You will make a beautiful bride and groom. Love you, Mom

Oona @ Little Pink House

Mar 14, 2011

This sounds like the most amazing, super-fun wedding ever! You guys are going to have a blast!

Joi @ Nuestra Vida Dulce

Mar 9, 2011

Happy wedding! I am so excited for you and your wedding sounds like it's going to be a blast!


Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce

carrie @ brick city love

Mar 9, 2011

My brother was my Man of Honor. It was awesome. Love all your plans! Best wishes!!

Sara Niechlanski

Feb 12, 2011

Testing! Testing! Ok, it works.