Shaun & Sara

Our Story

How We Met

How We Met

Shaun and I met in Lake Geneva, WI at a drinking establishment called Champs. I was working a liquor promotion in a mini and fishnets, and he was three sheets to the wind with his friend JR in tow. He made JR participate in our promotion several times just so he could talk to me. He also stole lots of shots from me in the process. After I left, Shaun got so upset and missed me so much that he broke his hand on an electrical box in rage.

Why we waited so long

Well, that's easy. Because I didn't want a wedding and Shaun did. Lucky for you, he won! We compromised by not having bridesmaids and groomsmen, or a pastor, or a cake cutting, or a 'processional', or any other traditional wedding things. It will be legal, though! I hope....

How Shaun proposed

Shaun was working Christmas eve in 2008, so I went to visit him at TJ Maxx that day. I told him I liked a sweater, and later that night I opened the sweater as a Christmas gift from him. I was so angry because I thought he didn't buy me anything until the last minute, but while I was busy getting mad he had gotten down on his knee and had my engagement ring on his finger. After he popped the question, I yelled and screamed and I think I pushed him over. That started the longest engagement ever! Wheeee!