Maggie and Cliff


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Jeremy & Andi

Apr 11, 2012

Dearest Maggie and Cliff...this site is a riot and we are SO excited to spend this terrific weekend with our two BFFs!

Megan Morrison

Apr 1, 2012

What a beautiful web site! You two are just wonderful. I am so excited about what promises to be an amazing weekend. Congratulations!


Mar 12, 2012

So very excited!

Jon & Carol

Feb 9, 2012

Great looking website and congratulations. Looks like you have organized a pretty stressless wedding.

Uncle Brian and Aunt Paula

Aug 24, 2011

incredibly clever, but then that's what we would expect from two such as yourselves! And wha hoo...congratulations! Can't wait to celebrate with you.

Corey Triplett

Jul 26, 2011

This is cute. I can't wait!

Cindy Auler/Mommy

Jul 23, 2011

It's a very nice website, and the wedding plans already sound very exciting!


Jul 23, 2011

What a lovely Web site! This looks like it will be a fantastic weekend, and we will almost definitely be staying some extra days!