Marc & Alissa

Our Story

How we met

How we met

Most of you already know our story, but for those that haven't yet heard it, it's pretty amazing!

We both had profiles on but I was getting fed up so I had cancelled my subscription. I had a couple days left until my subscription expired and I got this message from Marc. He was in Afghanistan at the time. He had such a great smile and we seemed to have a lot in common and I was intrigued.

We really hit it off and I was definitely smitten from the very beginning. Marc was surprised that hadn't matched us up since we seemed to be perfect fits for each other. The more we learned about each other, the more we realized how compatible we were.

The more we talked, the harder it was for me since he was in Afghanistan. Here, we hadn't even met yet, but we were growing so close and I just worried more. His calls always made my day and I told him to call me anytime of the day, which he did.

When Marc mentioned I should meet his family, before I had even met him, I knew he was serious. I met his dad, step-mom, and sister right around Thanksgiving and instantly liked them. I hung out with them numerous times and even managed to go skiing/snowboarding with his sister during her holiday break.

Right before Christmas we got the news that he would be coming home and it was the best Christmas present I've ever received! I planned to meet him at his homecoming.

I finally met Marc, face to face on Feb. 23rd, fresh off the plane, then the bus and then after the ceremony welcoming them home. It was such an emotional event and as soon as I finally picked him out in the crowd of uniformed soldiers, I knew he was so much more than I could have imagined. Pictures didn't even compare to seeing him in person.

I was hoping Marc still thought I was cute in person and I was everything he had hoped I would be. I whispered something to this effect in his ear and without missing a beat, he dropped down on one knee, in the gym, in front of everyone, and proposed. Yes, he proposed the first time we met and in front of everyone!!! Not only did he propose, but he had it planned as he had a "temporary" ring ready for the proposal.

I was in shock and kept saying "Really, are you serious?" "Of course, yes" was my response and it couldn't have been a more amazing proposal. Marc introduced me to several of his friends but at that point, I was in such a state of happy disbelief and shock that I was probably a bit out of it.

Now Marc is back home, out of active duty military and we're getting ready to start our life together as Mr. and Mrs. Mittelsteadt. Great story to tell the kids, huh? :)