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Photobooth - Pic a Pose

I decided to get Pic a pose since owner is also my coord Thea and her hubby. I tried a lot of photobooths during wedding expos and fairs and there are booths that really have good quality printouts.
I wasnt able to personally try picapose, I just requested for sample print outs of their booth during one of our meetings. Print out was good, color was vivid. So after seeing the sample print outs I booked them, thinking it is also a good decision since Thea is also my coord.

Come wedding day, like the mobile bar photobooth became a hit to guests also. Lot of my friends say they enjoyed it. I have comments with the quality though, print wasn't clear it's way different from what Thea showed me when I booked them. There were also shots na dark until I come to know na at one point parang nagka technical difficulties yung booth.. At the end of the reception program, we had our time with the photobooth. Na disappoint ako when the print out was handed to me. Nag worry ng kaunti, thinking what the guests will think about it but I just let it pass and enjoyed the night.
Thea immediately handed me the thumbdrive with all the pictures of the photobooth that night. We checked them when we were at Bellarocca and was disappointed (again) sa mga dark shots.
But hearing my friends and all the guests say na nagenjoy sila sa photobooth, i'd still give them a passing rate.

The layout was really good also. They made use of our prenup photos.

Rating: 7