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Effective January 23, 2007, as U.S. Passport is required to enter Jamaica. Passports applications can be submitted at any Passport Acceptance Facility, such as the U.S. Post Office. Click here to find the closest Passport Acceptance Facility near you.

The items required for your passport appplication are your valid Government issued ID, such as a driver's license, and a certified copy of your birth certificate. While you're birth certificate will be included with the application, it will be returned with your passport.
Click here to download a copy of the application.

If it is within 14 days of your travel date and you still have not obtained your passport, you may make an appointment with a Regional Acceptance Facility. Click here to find the Regional Acceptance facility closest to you.

Click HERE to read additional information regarding why a passport application MAY be denied.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, simply send an email to

U.S. Passport

U.S. Passport