Marquel & Oshana


Thank you so much for leaving your stories and well wishes!

Roxana Ilea

Nov 11, 2010

I heard that if it rains on your wedding day and everything is on schedule or close to it, the marriage will be a success because it shows they you work together under pressure and face obstacles. I've heard many times that rain on your wedding day means that your marriage with be blessed with fertility and good fortune.......I had always heard that if it rains on your wedding day, it's suppose to bring good luck. My best wishes to both of you, Roxana Zagan Ilea

mr&mrs drafts

Aug 25, 2010

Your party was "great"thanks for the envite.

Nakia Mallory

Jul 7, 2010

May God continually Bless you two. Happy engagement... and on to the real

Jun 4, 2010

Congratulations, Pookie and Oshana. Chi-town will be there to witness your wedding. I visit the Yard often as I can, my honey lives about six blocks from that beautiful hotel. You couldn't have found a more romantic and tranquil spot! love you, see you soon. Rosie

Angela Hankins

Jan 12, 2010

Its count down for real :)

Gregory & Claudette Moore

Oct 14, 2009

Congratulations, to my First born son and my soon to be daughter-in-law. I am looking forward to joining you in your holy matrimony in front of GOD, family and friends. I have watched you grow into a smart, responsible, handsome young man. It is obvious that GOD has brought both of you together at this time in your lives. May God bless this union and provide both of you with all the happiness that you deserve and the tools that it takes to sustain it. And Oshana I can’t wait for the day that you add siblings for Tamia :)! And your Pops is excited, as well as the rest of your siblings. See ya’ll in Jamaica. (Westside)Holla!!!!


Sep 22, 2009


Reggie Anderson

Sep 19, 2009

Cuz I'll be there. I told you the last time I was in the D that you had a good girl and don't ---- it up. I'm happy to see that this is going down in the place where it is. Love both of you and see you in paradise.


Sep 12, 2009

Yes Yes Yes I'm so happy for my brother and soon to be sister in law CONGRATS on your engagement and soon to be wedding. You could not have chosen the best place in the world its beautiful it has love and peace everywhere. I will be there with bells on and that's it lol no really count me in. Remember to keep GOD first in your marriage your life and everyday walk he will keep you. Love you both and see you in Oct. YES YES YES

Meliisa Eller-Brooks

Sep 11, 2009

OMG, I guess I can't stay in yall Best Wishes and Good Luck-see you in Aug and Oct

Rozalyn and Ronald Scrutchions

Sep 3, 2009

Hey Marquel and Oshana,
I just visited the Web Site and saw the view of the Hotel and it is beautiful! Me and Ron are definetly there and I know it is going to be a blast.
I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to you both and May GOD bless you with many, many years of marriage and many, many children. Remember to put GOD first in your marriage and he will see you through any obstacles that come your way, then yourselves 2nd. When you two are married you will become one in Christ and as long as you trust in him and each other you can overcome anything. DO NOT ALLOW any outsiders to influence you negatively about your marriage. Turn to GOD and Our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST for advice instead with lots and lots of praying. You will see that it works.

Love, Joy, and Peace to you both forever. Rozalyn and Ronald

Elaine & John Brandon

Sep 3, 2009

Hello nephew. I'm so happy to hear that you're getting married. I looking forward to meeting your fiancee, Oshana. I've never been to Jamaica and have been wanting to go for a long time. I'll get my chance in Oct, 2010. I've been excited ever since I've received the invitation. I have been to the wedding site so many times, I probably know more about Ocho Rios resort than you do :). Your auntie and uncle loves you and will be there to help you celebrate your wedding. Remember to keep GOD first in your life. Love you and congrats on the engagement.

DeMarco and Shareena

Aug 31, 2009

man it's about time.( smile )Quel has always been like a brother instead of a cousin to me God knows we've been in the trenches together, and i've known shana since middle school and we are fellow Technicians "yea yea" i remember going over to shana's house with Quel for the first time and laughing because we thought her dad looked like Billy Sims. Quel this is the woman for you Shana this the man for you. Put GOD first then each other then me (smile) and everything else will fall into place. Quel out of all of our brothers you could've chosen to be your Best Man I know you chose me because i can throw the best Bachelor Party just kidding. Seriously, Quel i,m honored to be your Best Man. GOD BLESS YOUR UNION:AMEN


Aug 23, 2009

Shana, We are extremely happy for you. We wish you and Marquel a life time full of happiness. Love always Tamika and Armel

Shenita Brooks

Aug 22, 2009

Congratulation Shanie I am so happy for you, and Marquel. You found a way to get me out of the country,!lol!. I love you and wish you and marquel all the happiness life can bring.

Truly yours, shenita

Mom Angela

Aug 20, 2009

I remember way back in the Days of Murphy Jr. High School. Oshana keep telling about this boy she liked at school. One day when I was picking her up she said see Mom there he is. I said OH! What would you know 20plus years later that OH! boy will soon be my son-in-law. A pleasant man he has grown to be. Congratulations And May God Bless you both ALWAYS.

Sunny Hale

Aug 17, 2009

Some say love is a garden that needs to be tended to in order to thrive. Others say love is like a rose with thorns but all the more beautiful. I say, Marquel & Oshana don't need any flowers for their relationship--they already have all the beauty and all the tending they'll ever need.

Cassandra Brooks

Aug 17, 2009

Wishing you a wonderful beginning,and love to last a lifetime.

Angela Hankins

Jul 25, 2009