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find local dance lessons in Massachusetts

Center Stage Dance Academy
Plymouth, Massachusetts | +1 508 746-0991

If it's ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and break dancing or if you enjoy ballroom, swing and Latin, our experienced performers and teachers will provide entertainment and instruction to fit your needs.

Cape Cod Dance Center
Cataumet, MA | +1 508 564-6165

We offer private and group classes for all that wish to improve their dancing skills.

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios
Worcester, MA | +1 508 755-8635

Whether you want simple instruction for the entire wedding party or just you and your fiance.

Arthur Murray
Worcester, MA | +1 508 798-0392

Our goal is to teach couples and individuals ballroom dancing in social settings. You won't be asked to sign long-term costly contracts. Our classes are casual and fun.

Gail Gardner Dance
Boston, MA | +1 617 266-8626

Please contact me for your Wedding Day Dance Instruction!

Boston Ballroom Dance Center
Newton, MA | +1 617 969-3262

Let the Professional Wedding Dance experts make your First Dance fun, confident and comfortable. We can help anyone to dance together. Come take an Introductory Private Dance Lesson Today!

Poise Style & Motion
Worcester, MA | +1 508 752-4910

With over 30 years of experience - we will prepare you for the dancing occasions such as weddings!

Margarita Smirnova Dance
Newton, MA | +1 617 875-8663

It's, your wedding, a big day. You are the center of attention... but your attention is all on him. Let’s be sure his eyes aren’t glued to his feet trying to get his steps just right.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Boston, MA | +1 617 426-3335

Your first dance that lasts a lifetime! We offer: A proven teaching system that makes learning easy and fun; the convenience of seven studios in MA, RI, and NH.

Cape Cod Dance Center
Cataumet, MA | +1 508 564-6165

Cape Cod Dance Center provides well-rounded dance education and artistic inspiration to all students of dance, with the care and the attention needed to make it a positive experience. We specialize in wedding preparation for the bride and groom as well as their families.

Karen's Ballroom Dancing and Fitness
Peabody, MA | +1 978 531-4780

Ballroom Dances lesson for everyone, We teach people how to dance for there Weddings with private and group lessons. And help the Brides and Grooms make there first a dance a fun or elegant as they want it. We help them learn to dance with there parents as well. Make it a memorable moment with your parents.

Teaching wedding couples to dance for over 20 years! Affordable group classes and private lessons in the Boston & MetroWest area. Call today!!

Arthur Murray Dance Center Danvers
Danvers, MA | +1 978 777-4995

Many couples worry about their first dance and usually tend to leave that for the last minute. Remember that you need to give yourself time to feel comfortable dancing with each other. Our wedding programs are designed to help ease the pressure of that “first dance.”

American Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio
Shrewsbury, MA | +1 508 925-4537

Whether you are learning to dance for a special occasion, exercise, or just for fun, we offer a variety of group classes, private lessons, workshops and first wedding dance programs.

Boston Wedding Dance
Brighton, Massachusetts | 617-202-9200

Ballroom Dance Studio in boston ma. Private Wedding Dance Lessons, Group First Wedding Dance Classes, Performances and Shows for Weddings and Special Events in Boston ma. FREE First Private Lesson.

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