Matt and Rachel

Wedding Events

The events of the weekend are still in progress but here is what we have so far. Please keep checking back for specific details. More details to come...


Thursday Night

Ray's Boathouse Cafe

Ray's Boathouse Cafe


For those of you getting in town Thursday night, some of us will be getting together for dinner at Ray's Boathouse cafe in Seattle. Anyone is welcome! Just give Matt or Rachel a call to get details.

Rehearsal- Friday

The wedding party will be out in Poulsbo for rehearsal at 4pm, followed by dinner. We will then make our way to "downtown" Poulsbo, place is still to be determined but we would love to have whoever is in town come meet up with us!


Wedding- Saturday!

Kiana Lodge

Kiana Lodge

Poulsbo, Washington

The wedding ceremony begins at 5:30pm followed by drinks, dinner and dancing! We will have free shuttles running from the Lodge back to the hotels starting at 9pm. You can also pick up a shuttle from the hotels to the wedding, this may be arranged at the front desk of the hotels.