Matthew & Alicia

Our Story

"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever."
In October of 2007 as I wasted a few moments on a site most people are familiar with, myspace. I the now bride to be, "tripped" over a face that seemed strangely familiar (I know your all thinking “she probably just thought he was good-looking” ….well your wrong, he really did look familiar. He thinks the same though so I wont try to convince you otherwise,(because...well……he is that too) so I friend requested him. He got my request, and well let’s just say he wasn’t familiar, and i definitely didn't know him, but we started messaging back and fourth and soon that "trip" became and endless fall. For about 6 months we sent messages back and fourth sporadically, toward the end of that 6 months though we got into these wonderful long conversations, long in depth emails falling in love online, though we both kept t at arms distance, we never exchanged phone numbers by that point, and were just two friends online that talked about life. I think we both knew that we were falling in love and were going to spend the rest of our lives together from the moment we typed our first words….but neither of us would have ever admitted it at hat point…that would have been crazy. We now know both of us sat eagerly waiting on our moments off work for a new email from the other. One day while discussing churches with each other we found out that he had attended the same church I go to. Matthew had moved to Oregon from Montana, and was looking for a home church, and turns out that he ended up at mine- it was so large that we never would have spotted each the in the crowd. After we came to know this, the moment had come… we found each other after service one evening. It was perfect; He was everything that I had imagined, better with words in person than he could ever be online, an amazing personality, caring, funny. I knew that we were going to be together forever. After talking on the phone for hours at a time, and continuing to message each other, we arranged for our first date, you can read about that on our “attractions page” but let’s just say the rest is history and from March 25th on, we were official and nothing would tear us apart. God brought us together in the most unlikely of ways, and after both having pretty crazy lives, we are ready to settle down with our best friend. Love seems to wipe out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. whatever was in our past we have learned from and if its what we needed to go through to be where we are now, then we are thankful for it. it is the beginning of the rest of our lives. There is no other person we would rather be with. - Alicia

Now to my version... As you know we were introduced on Myspace.... The only difference from her story to mine is that yes indeed she added me... Now to say it was because I was good-looking is just an assumption of course, however the fact remains whether it be because I looked "familiar" or not she was the one who instigated what would be the most crucial introduction we would ever have in our entire lives, I remember the day when I checked my inbox, and to my surprise the most beautiful girl in the world had requested me to be her friend. Now to those of you familiar with Myspace if a friend request looks too good to be true it usually is... meaning if someone friend requests you and they look like a model it's always spam... well unless your me that is. So of course I accepted her invitation and we instantly hit it off, not to mention as soon as I saw her profile I distinctly told my friend David "I'm gonna marry this girl" ( little did I know :)) It seemed as though we couldn't learn enough about each other, and that continued for about a period of six months. Even though during that time there were times I would wait for weeks on end waiting for a response, to which she claims she didn't have "access to the internet" during those times, that is besides the point... So as time went on our conversations got more in depth and as she said we discovered that not only did we go to the same church we now lived only a block away from each other. So we decided we better meet up. Now I would be lying if I told you I hadn't been waiting for this moment since the day her face graced mine (on the internet that is) but indeed the time had come when we would finally meet face to face. I remember the exact moment my eyes made contact with hers, I was absolutely blown away by those big blue eyes and frankly couldn't keep my eyes from them. There was literally thousands of people talking and walking around us, being loud and visiting amongst us, but as she will tell you my eyes did not leave her sight the whole time. It was amazing, more than I ever could have expected. And I knew right then and there that my notion way back then, almost more than six months ago was true, that I was gonna marry this girl:) Now on to the next part... Asking her on a date, well I "nonchalantly" asked if she wanted to get dinner sometime but I got shot down as it was St. Patty's Day and she had plans with her family. But she said the next day would work, which was definitely O.K. with me. So I planned a little extravaganza, hand wrote out all the directions to the locations I was gonna take her, and made a "special" CD of songs I thought she would enjoy just to set the tone... That night would forever change my life... Never in my life had imagined a better time. Not only was it the perfect night but I spent it with the perfect girl. Now that might sound cheesy and you can say what you want, but I mean when I say that she is the most amazing woman on the face of this earth... (sorry Mom, your right there behind her...) And the rest was history. God had marked my steps and led me to the woman of my dreams who is now the future Mrs. Waag... -Matthew