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Flower petals aisle runner

Our wedding is going to be in the small St Laguna Chapel in Guam (<40 guests). Knowing that the aisle is pretty short, I decided to make my own flower petal aisle runner.

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- Tulle ($6 for 65 yrd at Walmart)

- 2-temperature glue gun (use low temp) + glue sticks

- flower petals ($1/300 at DollarTree, white and pink)

- tweezers

- acrylic paint

- metal baking sheet

 Step by step how to

My wedding color palette is hot pink and orange. I don't wanna bother to look on the internet to find the right colored petals so I colored the white ones myself. I thought of using fabric dyes but I already have acrylic paint at home, so I decided to try it out.

1) First, I put some acrylic paint into a plate or flat-bottomed container. I like to dilute it from the paste, the advantage is that I can adjust the color and also keep the texture slightly viscous. It gives the petals a more solid color. Store bought ready-to-paint acrylic seems too watery. The orange color is called vermilion, and for pink I did 2 tones - hot pink (magenta with a hint of white) and pink (magenta with equal amount of white).

2) Stack around 10 petals together and press them to the bottom. I like to use the tweezers to press them in the center while a brush in my other hand to spread the color out. Press on different areas of the petals and the color gets absorbed real fast.

3) I keep adding more petals until full, the color will keep diffusing. This little amount of paint lasted for a whole bag (300 petals)! Then I use the tweezers to separate them one by one onto a piece of cardboard to dry for 1 hour. I noticed that some petals will still have drops of paint on it, but I just left it dry like that and there wasn't too much spotting. The color somehow turned out pretty even for most of them.


4) I cut out 20 feet of tulle and lay it on a metal baking sheet. Then I randomly hot glue the petals to mimic a natural scattered pattern. Use low temperature, otherwise the high temperature will melt the tulle. Do not glue them flat and only glue them on one or two spots, some sideways, some on top of each other. 

5) After I finished one area I peeled the tulle off the metal sheet and moved on. I don't remember how long it took for me to finish the two 20ft runner. I spent a couple hours on it each day and got it done in 1 week or so.

Spray glue VS glue gun?

I did try spray glue at first, but it was quite a mess. I find hot glue much easier to work with and it dries quickly. The spray glue tends to be too spread out and it is sticky for a long time. Also hot glue allows me to layer the petals on top of each other. For spray glue if I spray on top of the petals it makes them hard like rocks. Guess I'm just not a spray glue person!

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