Meghan & Chuck



Sep 4, 2009

Love your website and CONGRATS

Grandpop and Maureen

Jun 26, 2009

We are so looking forward to the wedding and celebrating your special day! The website is a wonderful way to keep us informed. See you soon!


Oct 22, 2008

The website looks great! I can't wait for our special day when we begin our lifelong journey together. I love you!


Oct 9, 2008

Great job... hope it is all you ever dreamed of... and wishing you many years of happiness.



Brenda Kasperowicz

Dec 13, 2007

Best wishes to both of you !! The Web site is great !

Kelli Bowen

Dec 5, 2007

What a great job you did on this website! I LOVE the proposal story best, Chuck was a little on the nervous side, huh???? :o)

Aunt Louise

Nov 13, 2007

I'm so excited for both of you. Chuck was always shy and quiet. You have brought out a wonderful side of him. I wish you both all the best. Love Aunt Louise


Nov 13, 2007

This is a great website. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!


Nov 5, 2007

This is such a cute website!! i loved reading the "Our Story" section. There were even things in there that i didn't know. Very cute Meg.


Nov 3, 2007

I loved reading the Our Story page and I look forward to sharing in the excitement of the next 2 years. Love from the MOB