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What Do I Wear To An Indian Wedding?

Women typically wear a traditional Indian saree…and the brighter the better! Something fancy will work great for this event.
For those who do not have Indian clothes, evening attire is appropriate. Feel free to wear a dress with embellishments and beading to fit right into the crowd.

Guys, you can wear a salwar kameez, which is a matched pant and shirt. A suit can be worn to the wedding as well.

Want to wear Indian clothes but unable to find them at the local mall? Don’t worry. We have listed a few sites below that have come highly recommended by friends. Here, you can find something perfect to wear for sale or rent. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We have a team of Indian friends on deck to help you!

Sejal's Creation

Sejal's Creation

2429 Astrita Way

Lexington, KY 45059


We met this man at the Indian Cultural Festival. He has a very large selection of men's and women's Indian clothing. It's right off of 75 in Lexington - a quick drive from Cincinnati. He will also work with you to take your own measurements so that you can send to him via email.

Cincinnati Area: Indus Vastra

Cincinnati Area:  Indus Vastra

6725 Parklake Drive

Mason, OH 45040


I recently met the owner of this business located in the Cincinnati Area at the Indian Cultural Fair. She has a great selection and is right here in the Cincinnati area. Give Pooja a call!

Benzer World

Benzer World

A high street fashion brand, Benzer is regarded as one of the oldest fashion retail stores in the country. Known for their exquisite ethnic and indo-western formal, casual and bridal fashion apparel, Benzer has been making every occasion, festival and event more special and memorable. Even today, the showroom at Breach Candy remains the flagship store, but the brand has expanded to include more extensions, namely Benzer Women and Benzer Men. The former is a new retail format, which aims to replicate the experience and product mix of Benzer Breach Candy in a smaller format in locations in and outside Mumbai. Benzer Men, as the name suggests, is a sub-brand that focuses on an extensive range of men's wear. Such a retail strategy was developed by the company in order to meet the retail wave in India, head on.

Long before the age of globalization dawned in India, Benzer opened a fashion store in 1982 strategically located on Mumbai's very own 'golden mile' in the heart of the glittering, up market district of Breach Candy. The Store became a landmark in more ways than one, heralding the beginning of the retail and consumer revolution in the country. Over the years Benzer has managed to adapt to changing market dynamics, closely following the pulse of retail and consumer trends, often defining them, through innovation, in-depth market knowledge and a pro-active approach.

A completely homegrown fashion brand, Benzer enjoys a vast international customer base, consisting mainly of high net-worth, discerning Non-Resident Indians, apart from the loyal and constantly growing local clientele. The brands effective advertising and striking photo shoots have attracted attention and mindspace locally and now with their highly functional and designer online presence, Benzer products are available and accessible to people across the globe, strengthening the brand's presence internationally.

Over the years, the brand has acquired significant equity, not just in terms of customer perception and brand image, but also in terms of financial success, posting double digit growth figures enabling the group to diversify its interest into a host of activities-from a food processing and cold storage complex to stock broking to the manufacture of vital chemicals, to name a few.

Manyavar Ethnic Wear

Manyavar Ethnic Wear

About Us
If tradition means ethnic wear, ethnic men’s wear means Manyavar. Weddings in India have usually adorned Manyavar, be it regal sherwanis, elegant kurtas or even Indo-Western wear. But the brand means more. Ethnic Wear, Party Wear, Accessories; each is a signature; reflecting intense research, ideas, technology, craftsmanship and benchmarking at every level. Manufactured at the facility in Kolkata, on a capacity over one million units of apparel, the category’s highest in the world. More than an industry-leader, Manyavar symbolizes the category.


Manyavar is expanding its circle. It will soon reach out to its kind, through 500 Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) by 2015-16 from the current 250 EBOs (April 2013), 100 Shop in Shops and 500 Multi Brand Outlets (MBO), across the country and business channels in U.S.A., U.K. and the Middle East. Manyavar has founded its first international store (EBO) in Dubai. The global footprint continues rapidly with a new store now open at Bangladesh. Soon, crossover stores, merchandising diverse products too, will be added across the world. Global is the new local now. Merchandising tie ups with retail chains like Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Planet Fashions, and Central are being augmented in display as well as destinations. The Manyavar attitude is niche, not its access.


The country’s finest fashion designers and artisans apply state-of-the-art technology to construct a Manyavar. Their inspiration and command over the domain is the key to Manyavar’s uniqueness. The annual production capacity of the facility at Kolkata, is one million units of apparel, ten times more than the closest player. Every Manyavar is an idea, empowered by Technology.


A seamless back-end system facilitates low turnaround time and enhanced service qualities. An integrated, technology-led distribution and logistic network including Warehouse Management System and Merchandise Management System ensure optimum utilization of resources. Internal control systems supervise inventory management, sourcing, store management, and logistics. The improving gross margins over the years and the rising gross margin per square foot of retail space, reflect their merit.


Manyavar is not just among the most visible men’s wear brands in the country. Communications across press, television and peripheral media have clearly defined its personality as an essence of respect. For a consumer, Manyavar is more than something-to-wear. It’s a relationship. And now, it’s spreading rapidly across the country and the world at large; into a cult.


Mr. Ravi Modi, founder, is a first generation entrepreneur. Manyavar, among India’s most valued men’s wear brand today, is a reflection of his domain knowledge, vision and initiatives. Shilpi Modi, Chief Visualiser, leads the design and merchandise teams, since inception. They, along with sales, production and operations resources are driven by a collective mission. "To share, celebrate and evolve the Manyavar cult." Beyond superior ideas and designs, wider offering, greater retail presence and a continuous leadership, Manyavar will endeavour to shape the category’s future towards a global acceptance and preference, which goes beyond cultural and ethnic sensibilities. This means new sections, new products and new concepts. Clearly, the evolution of the category will be the evolution of Manyavar.

Borrow It Bindaas

Borrow It Bindaas

Borrow It Bindaas: Like, Borrow, Return!

Going to an Indian/South Asian event and don't know what to wear? Ever wish you could rock the latest trends without breaking the bank? WELL now you CAN!

Borrow It Bindaas is a fabulous online boutique where you can RENT or BUY the latest Indian Apparel and Accessories 80% Off Retail Prices! We provide a service which brings you iconoic Indian garments: sarees, salwars, men's wear, tunics & more straight to your doorstep. We keep it Simple & Worry Free! We ship you two sizes and send you a pre-stamped return envelope just like Netflix! We take care of the dry cleaning and tailoring so it couldn't be easier! Choose From Hundreds of Incredible Designs for your next party, wedding, or a night out!

We grew up in a large family centered on Indian traditions, which allowed us to always be surrounded by enchanting and versatile Indian garments. We evolved from playing dress-up with our mother’s lovely sarees to rummaging through our closets and ambitiously searching far and wide to build our own Indian apparel collection. Yet, we ran into a problem, the cost of Indian garments is high (especially for top designer picks) and here in the States there’s a tendency to trail behind in the latest trends that are popping up in Bollywood. So...we found ourselves trading outfits with a circle of saree swappers; our sisters, cousins, aunts etc. But, which true fashionista wants to repeat or wear last season's trends when they can have something better?

This is how we came up with the idea of creating an online boutique a girl could only dream of. We decided to start this fabulous site on the foundations of our business backgrounds, entrepreneurial spirit and our fanaticism for fashion, bollywood, and Indian culture in general. We combined that, with a genuine desire to give customers an affordable and hassle-free experience.

We pulled out all the stops, travelling to India and hand selecting these amazing pieces and working with up and coming designers to ensure our inventory features the most captivating, expertly crafted and fashionable garments in the market. We also offer a plethora of breathtaking jewelry so that you can deck yourself out to your hearts desire and really personalize your look.

Simply SELECT what you like from a wide range of stunning apparel and accessories, BORROW it for that special occasion, and RETURN it or simply BUY it if you LOVE it!

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together, and we wish to spread our enthusiasm to you!

Devis Closet

Devis Closet

Co-founders Meera Patel and Sheena Patel met as roommates living in New York City, when they bonded over their love for clothes and cosmos. However, as much as their closets grew, finding the perfect Indian outfit for every occasion was proving to be a struggle. Between weddings, diwalis, and navratris, their social calendars were filling up faster than they could find stylish, yet affordable, outfits.

They looked at each other with worry. Each wedding required a minimum of two to four outfits. With no trips to India on the horizon, things were beginning to look dicey. Could they repeat outfits? What if someone noticed? Or worse yet, what if someone saw their same outfit posted on Facebook? Shudder! They would never live it down.

The girls wanted to splurge on designer creations, but with so many events, their bank accounts told them that was a no-no. Indians don't do vintage, so thrift stores were out, and eBay proved fruitless as well. So what's a fashionista on a budget supposed to do?

That’s when these New Yorkers thought "what if we could rent outfits like we rent cars?" What if designers could lend out their pieces at a lower cost to style-conscious women with a passion for fashion but limited funds?

Next thing you know, Meera and Sheena were busy drawing up plans for their brainchild, a fashion portal where women (AND MEN) could RENT trendy South Asian outfits for their next big fat Indian wedding (garba, mela, navratri, diwali, puja, party, baby-naming ceremony, etc.) They started meeting designers, putting their web site together, and presto…Devi’s Closet was born in Fall 2011.

Based in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, Devi’s Closet seeks to meet the needs of glamorous desi and desi-loving fashionistas who want to look gorgeous when they hit the town, without worrying about shelling out tons of cash for each ensemble. The best part is Devi’s Closet keeps a constantly rotating stock of clothes, so you never have to worry about wearing last season’s items. Now you’ll always look like a million bucks. You just don’t have to spend it.



It started with five wedding invitations in a span of three months and our immediate reaction was, "What do we wear?" We did the math: one wedding equaled at least four distinct outfits (complete with matching accessories, of course). Since we didn’t have a trip to India planned, we knew the fashion hurdles we faced: 1) are our sarees still in fashion? 2) do they still fit? 3) can we still wear the salwar that was posted on Facebook for the world to see? With so few shops stateside that sell Indian clothing and accessories and without the time or funds to book a last minute trip to India to replenish our lehengha stockpile, we knew we had a fashion emergency on our hands.

We both felt there HAD to be a better way. So we created one. Introducing Luxemi.com – an innovative ecommerce platform for ethnic Indian clothing and accessories where you can BORROW from our closet for a specific event or BUY from our collection to add to your personal wardrobe.

Luxemi.com was fashioned for women like US who want, first and foremost, exceptional style, an eclectic selection, excellent customer service and an easy shopping experience. With its constantly evolving and carefully edited collection, Luxemi.com gives you unparalleled access to the latest trends in Indian fashion, all from the comfort of your home. Looking fabulous has never been so much fun.

Ladies, get ready to turn some heads!