Ryan & Jimmy


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Feb 20, 2015

beloveds, I am a stranger on the internet and I think your ceremony looks beautiful. Congratulations, I am thrilled for your little family of three.

next, a little bit of rain-- i want to give you a tiny heads up, you're getting discussed on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/asianamerican/comments/2whc7v/white_people_have_an_indian_wedding_without_any/

There are three separate threads, and one's currently got 141 comments. Some people like your theme... and some are shouting 'cultural appropriation'. I assume you know what this is, if you don't, PLEASE Google a crash course asap! I am east asian myself, and I've recently decided that the CA cause is dumb-- I want to share my culture and I want everyone else to share too. But (1) not everyone agrees and (2), as a person of color, eschewing the CA fight is (unfortunately for you :-/ ) a privilege that I have and you don't.

In your favor, people have defended saying that you were respectful and didn't just use costumes but also included Hindu rituals. I checked out your "Why?" post but you don't have much more details than that.

and can I quote someone from the site? "I'm just glad we passed the point where the Indian theme is the weirdest thing in this photo and not that two men are marrying."

I found you and it's possible others will too, and if someone posts your names, they will all come and camp out. So I encourage you to think about how you would respond if they do.

Best wishes on your lovely future together. If an internet group comes over, just know they won't stay long. Many will come bearing good wishes.

Congratulations again.

Tom & Sue Knippen

Oct 6, 2013

Tom and I send our very best wishes to you, with hopes for a long and healthy life together. It's a given that you'll be surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family!

Nola Riley

Oct 5, 2013

Congrats Ryan, Jimmy and Anderson to!!!! May your lives be filled with much love and happiness!!!

Daryl & Taia Dennie and Family

Oct 5, 2013

We are so happy to be apart of not only a one of a kind ceremony which is as diverse as the two of you are, but we couldnt be more happy to celebrate the LOVE you each exhibit each day. Not only for each other, but also the multitiude of friends, family who will gather with you. We wish you all the best and all the happiness your hearts can hold!
Love you both!

Cheryl Eagleson

Oct 5, 2013

I am looking forward to your wedding and celebration this evening!! Congratulations.XXOO

Ken and Adrienne Charak

Oct 4, 2013

Wishing both of you much peace, love and happiness....Mazel Tov!!

Mechelle Warner

Sep 30, 2013

Congratulations to you and Jimmy. I am so happy for you both. This will be such a special occasion. I especially love the concept of an Indian wedding and I completely understand you selecting it. Ryan, knowing your happy personality from EES this is so you, all the best and I wish you both happiness always.

Mechelle Warner

Kayla Messer

Sep 17, 2013

Congrats guys!! can't wait to be at the wedding and see you guys. it will be a very exciting and special day. Very happy for the both of you!

Donna (Stutzman) Massie

Sep 16, 2013

I am crashing your wedding as Janie's date. Soooooo looking forward to it, and also thrilled for both of you.

Elena Moton

Sep 11, 2013

I am so in awe of the courage that you two exhibit and that's coming from a police officer. I always feel welcome in your presence. I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness.


Sep 11, 2013

Wishing you two a lifetime of Happiness together. In my eyes "you complete each other" XXXXXOOOOOO

Cindy and Michael Baker

Sep 2, 2013

Very Happy for you both! Looking forward to your celebration!!

Karen and Brad Hughes

Aug 28, 2013

We couldn't be happier for you both, and can't wait to share in this incredible event!!

Joel Readence and Matt Berdine

Aug 27, 2013

We're so happy for you guys and looking forward to the festivities! xo

Jayson and Kim Beck

Aug 24, 2013

We are so happy for you!