Ryan & Jimmy

So...Why An Indian Wedding?

No surprise...we've gotten this question a lot lately.

The idea of an Indian wedding probably started about five years ago. One Saturday morning, after returning from the gym, I (Ryan) popped in to see my friends Chad & Scott. That morning, I decided that I wanted to pull the trigger and make my first trip to India. When I announced this to the two of them, they looked at each other in disbelief as Chad, too, had made the announcement to Scott that morning. Scott was more than happy to find that he had someone willing to make the trip to India with Chad. With that, we booked our tickets and were off to India late that fall.

Upon arriving, we both found it difficult to not fall in love with all things Indian. One of the most memorable parts of the trip centered on the fact that we arrived in the midst of Indian Wedding Season, which takes place each Fall between heavy monsoon season and the summer heat. We quickly became fascinated with these over-the-top events which occurred on every night of the week in each city we visited. One could say we were Indian 'wedding crashers' based on the number we 'attended'.

Indian weddings, if you've not been to one, are steeped with meaningful rituals, beautiful decor, plentiful food and more fun than you've had anywhere. They were more like festivals than traditional ceremonies and receptions we were accustomed to here in the US. This is exactly what Jimmy and I hope our wedding will be.

While in India, we also visited a Hindu temple and participated in a prayer ceremony. We were asked to make a wish and then the priest tied a red string to our wrist. We were told to wear the string until it fell off, and then our wish would come true. I am happy to say that Jimmy is proof that my wish came true. This tradition will also be included in our ceremony.