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New Years 2002

Stephanie developed a crush on Michael in 2000, but it wasn't until the choir trip in May 2001 when we both realized something was beginning. After several months of flirtation and friendship, we finally became offical and started dating. These pictures start at the beginning....


In Stephanie's favorite spot in the world, she was asked to spend her life with her favorite person. These pictures are from the best trip we've ever taken....


Just a glimpse into our engagement photo shoot with Randy Bacon in January 2008.

IMG 0750

Hosted by Jan and Hillary Fisk at their residence, July 12, 2008. With a Martha Stewart theme, everyone was asked to bring a gift Martha would like (for hosting, cooking, crafting, decorating). As Martha would say, it was a "good thing"!

IMG 0790

Jeanette Hutcheson and Sally Wise hosted a festive Bed & Breakfsat themed shower at Hickory Hills Country Club on July 26. It was a fun group consisting of family and friends of my mom whom I've known since birth! It was a beautiful luncheon.

IMG 0857

Nicole Hutcheson, Maid of Honor, hosted a shower in Tulsa at the historic Ambassador Hotel for all Stephanie's girlfriends. With a green and pink decor, the theme of the luncheon was an "ABC Shower". Each guest received a letter printed on their invitation and the gift had to correspond with that letter (for example" 'P' could be for Pyrex, or pillows, or pots and pans!) Not only was the theme fun, but combined with the two games we played, there were plenty of laughs!

IMG 0904

Judy Thompson and Camille Ricketts hosted a wonderful luncheon and shower on Friday, August 15th to stock our kitchen! Each guest received a blank recipe card with their invitation and was asked to share a favorite recipe and bring a gift that woudl be used to make the recipe. From appetizers to desserts, we received many recipes and lots of kitchen utensils, pots, and electrics. We'll have you over for a meal soon!

IMG 0907

Barbie and Brent Davis and Kari and Joey Manzardo hosted a lively evening party on Saturday, August 26th at the Manzardo's house. Being a cool summer evening, the doors were left open and their gorgeous patio was filled with people (this also happened to be where the bar was located!). We enjoyed great company, great drinks served by Brown Derby, and outstanding food cooked by Gallery Bistro. The evening started at 6:30pm and the last of us trailed home around 1am, hating to leave the fun...