Mike & Becca


Joe and Julie Bernardo

Feb 15, 2014

It's 3 hours before the big event. Early congratulations to you both. We're really looking forward to seeing you get hitched, Mike. You've come a long way since Wheaton Rams football!!

The Troyans Aunt Nancy, Uncle Frank, Susan, Stephanie and Mike

Feb 9, 2014

So Happy for you, Becca and for Mike, who has found a "Real Keeper" !!! Wishing you many, many Years filled with Love and All of Life's Best.

Whitney and David Licavoli

Feb 9, 2014

So, so excited for the BIG day! Only 6 more days until we see you two tie the knot!!! Can't wait! Love you both! XXOO

Aunt Jan & Bo Merritt

Feb 8, 2014

This time NEXT WEEK you will be a Mr. & Mrs.!!!!!! We wish you the very best of every blessing Life can bring to you, kids!!!! GOD BLESS YOU IN ALL YOUR WAYS AND CONTINUALLY PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS YOU!!!!! We love you....

Ashley & Carson Mehl

Jan 28, 2014

We are counting down the days until we're in San Diego celebrating one of our favorite couples!! Love you guys! xoxo

Penny and Bobby

Jan 8, 2014

I am soooo excited to celebrate your wedding day with you and Mike!!!! I wish you absolutely all the best now and in the future. You are a very special couple!! Love you and can't wait to see you and meet Mike!!!

"Wedding Auntie"

Dec 30, 2013

I'm all over the "I do's and sweet nothings" concept. How "YOU" of you!!!
Will Briggs and Torrey be your "Flower Puppies"? Love you most dearly....see you in February!

Alli & David

Dec 21, 2013

We cannot wait for your big day!! So excited for you two to tie the knot. XOXO

Katie Kent

Dec 7, 2013

So excited for you two to tie the knot! You guys couldn't be more perfect for each other and will have the most fun and beautiful marriage full of lots of laughs :) Love you! Katie

Andie and Jeff

Nov 26, 2013

Mike - it's about freakin' time! Becca - you are a very patient woman. Can't wait - should be a blast.

Dave and Linda

Nov 20, 2013

Congratulations to you both! May your wedding day be as special as you two are.


Oct 23, 2013

So excited for you two!!! Here is to a lifetime of happiness together! Love you both and love the Ron Burgundy note!!!


Sep 1, 2013

Love the site, especially Ron's beautiful words. Can't wait!!

Jamie Graves

Aug 28, 2013

Never been to San Diego before; pics of the venue look amazing! Can I wear my tuxedo wetsuit to the ceremony?

John & Tonya Kurtz

Aug 28, 2013

We loved your "save the Date" pic, it had to be quite a chore...
Can't wait for Feb. to get here.