Mike and Sarah

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We are always taking pictures so we have a ton to share!

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Tracy Moore does amazing work!

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Mike and I have tried to have as much fun as possible together and much accomplished. Smedz will be found in the photos marked with asterisk (*).

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Dress shopping was a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be! Katie Truscott and Mary Ahlander were sweet enough to take time out of their busy schedules and watch me. And ooh. And ahh. At everything! haha. I then laid down a rule, no ooh-ing or ahh-ing :o) This isn't the dress, but we got some great dress designing ideas.

I've decided, after looking at many many dresses, they are all beautiful, but there is one white dress that means something to me....I will be wearing my mother's dress from her wedding day. It is beautiful, but she was a much skinnier bride than I! We are adding a few Sarah details and I hope to look as stunning as she did on her big day!

My dress designer will be my Aunt Earlene Carney, my mother's sister. She was the original maker of my mom's dress, bringing back all kinds of memories for her. She has always sewn costumes and such for me and I know she does a great job!


These are just pictures of my friends from over the years, having way too much fun!

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Mike's life wasn't always as photogenically documented as mine, so we found what we could... ENJOY!