Mike & Julie

Wedding Party

Alice Han
Maid of Honor

Alice Han  Maid of Honor

Alice is Julie's beloved seeeeestor! She has been the biggest influence in Julie's life, and although they differ like night and day (in almost every way except for how their teeth look), Julie cannot imagine how growing up would've been without her. (Probably, really, really boring.) " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">//img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/jdmhamster/icons/heart2.gif">

Jenny Hwang
Bridesmaid/Wedding Singer

Jenny Hwang  Bridesmaid/Wedding Singer

Jenny, aka Denny, aka Dengo (don't ask, hehe). Julie and Jenny have been friends since... almost forever! Jenny has seen Julie at her best and worst, heaviest and leanest (which wasn't very lean at all actually, lol). Jenny is VERY skilled at twirling blended coffee drinks, and she has an odd fetish with PuffalumPs (Google it if you don't know).

Stephanie Fukai Jung

Stephanie Fukai Jung  Bridesmaid

Steph and Julie have been friends since freshmen-year volleyball tryouts and the good 'ol piano days (oh, Mrs. Dozen)!! And although somebody decided to switch schools about 15 times, they managed to remain close through it all. Steph has been a great friend and sister to Julie, and Julie admires her for her ability to eat lots of carbs and still look good!

Lillian Zien

Lillian Zien  Bridesmaid

(Formerly Lillian Chang) Yes! Lily is Mike's sister. Can you guess older/younger? (I gave it away with the new last name!) Anyway, Lily and Julie met on Mike & Julie's 2nd or 3rd date. (Very smooth of Mike to bring his sister out, doncha think?) Since then, Lily has gradually become a big part of Julie's life, not just as "Mike's sister" but also as a dear friend.

Jonathan Wong
Bridesman (No, it's not a typo.. and no, he's not gay!)

Jonathan Wong  Bridesman  (No, it's not a typo.. and no, he's not gay!)

Jonathan (a.k.a. Nami, Namster, Namdinga- this is a new one) is one of Julie's bestest friends who's been there for her through all of her quarter-life crisises. Jonathan is a great listener and a loving friend. Just don't get him drunk because he might either try to kiss you, or beat you up.

Tony Kwan
Best Man

Tony Kwan  Best Man

Tony is lucky because he knew Julie before he met Mike! haha haa =X Maybe he's not lucky because he knows them both a bit too well. No, nevermind. He's lucky, VERY lucky.

George Ruan

George Ruan  Groomsman

George has been one of Mike's best friends since they were both fobs! He is a successful businessman, has a nice car and a hot wife... but he also has a heart of gold. Awwwwwwww~

John Yi

John Yi  Groomsman

Dancer, friend, the Korean Rico SuavĂ©. John and Mike go way back to the Baskin Robbins days when they were making the bucks and practicing parking their cars in formation. " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">//www.xanga.com/images/shocked.gif">   If you ever need a "dancer" for your next private party/ gathering/event, he is available for booking thru this website. hahaha

Eddie Lee
Wedding Singer

Eddie Lee  Wedding Singer

Eddie a.k.a. Edi (pronounced "EE-DEE") has been a great friend and dalgi brother to Julie and Mike, and has shared some great memories with both of them. Eddie enjoys movies, ice cream, quiet nights in front of the fireplace, and long walks on the beach under the soft moonlight. " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">//img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/jdmhamster/icons/naughty.gif">