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Snuggle up on the couch and prepare for a marriage that lasts a lifetime. You will learn about Emotional Intimacy, Communication, Compatibility, Expectations and much more. The M101 DIGITAL DUO fun, affordable and done in the privacy of home. Weddings are but a day, marriage is for a lifetime. Save $25. See Clip for details

Weddings Your Way
Minneapolis, MN | +1 952 933-3460

Rev. Bill Ronan, Pastoral Counselor, and Licensed Psychotherapist (LICSW), offers pre-marital counseling. Call today for a consultation.

MidWest Center
St. Paul, MN | +1 651 647-1900

MidWest Center is a collection of behavioral health professionals committed to providing high quality psycho therapeutic services in a caring environment.

Cornerstone Therapy & Recovery Center
St. Paul, MN | +1 651 645-0980

Cornerstone offers mental health programs designed to help couples heal and grow.

All Faiths Weddings
St Paul, MN | +1 612 986-5528

Rev. Tomkin Coleman will help you prepare for a fun and fulfilling life together.

Adrienne C. Laursen, MA, LAMFT
Hopkins, MN | +1 612 250-4577

I specialize in Couples Counseling with a particular focus on Premarital and Newlywed Counseling. I am passionate about helping couples build a successful marriage. PREPARE/ENRICH Certified.

Gawlik Counseling Services
Bloomington, MN | +1 612 849-7747

Gawlik Counseling services offers a Premarital Counseling Package that helps pave the way to "happily ever after". We offer a series of 4 sessions, starting with a 30 minute "get to know the couple" session; followed by three 90 minutes sessions to review and process the results of the assessment.

Minnesota Weddings
St. Paul, MN | +1 651 779-9644

This is the perfect time to bring up any concerns you have about your future, whether it's money, family, or communication. We don't judge; we're just here to help.

Dakota Counseling & Mediation
Watertown, SD | +1 605 753-5520

Pre-marital counseling classes include: communication methods, negotiation skills, and problem solving skills, reflective listening and mediation.

Bethesda Christian Counseling
Sioux Falls, SD | +1 605 334-3739

Offering marriage enrichment retreats and premarital counseling.

Sioux Empire Christian Counseling
Sioux Falls, SD | +1 605 271-0261

In couple's therapy, the therapist helps the couple observe and change unproductive communication patterns so that partners can understand each others needs and solve problems together.

New Haven Ministries
Sioux Falls, SD | +1 605 274-1556

Pre-Marital Counseling

Bartels Counseling Services
Sioux Falls, SD | +1 605 310-0032

We provide counseling that is designed to focus on issues related to family functioning, emotional development, chemical dependency, stress management and spiritual development.

Valley Christian Counseling Center
Fargo, ND | +1 701 232-6224

Our counselors help each couple evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship and works with them to develop a healthy relationship.

Interactions Therapy Center
Dubuque, IA | +1 815 777-2850

Dr. Gabbert's approach is eclectic. She draws from many different therapeutic models depending on the condition.

Claudia McGrath Counseling
Fargo, ND | +1 701 277-0654

Pre-marriage counseling and testing is a wonderful way to take a more objective look at your own and your prospective mate's personality traits.

John Helf Marriage Counseling
Madison, WI | +1 608 829-1800

Marital counseling today not only deals with couples in crisis but is offered preventatively to help couples learn communication skills and problem solving techniques.

Heart to Heart Communication
Urbandale, IA | +1 515 274-4242

Our goal is to be pro-active and to give couples specific information to help them make the choices and changes they need to restore hope and love.

The Center for Christian Counseling
Madison, WI | +1 608 274-8294

The Center offers a group that is designed for all pre-marital and marital couples who want to grow in or improve their relationships. The group teaches couples better ways to communicate.

Family Care Psychological Services
Wauwatosa, WI | +1 414 771-5002

If you find yourself headed into troubled waters, don’t wait until you start to sink. The sooner you start getting help the easier it is going to be.

Pam Meyerson and Associates
Liberyville, IL | +1 847 274-8423

I offer a safe place for you to express your feelings, concerns and problems. My approach to therapy is to help you identify underlying issues and help you set the goals to address them positively.

"I Now Pronounce You" Weddings
Palatine, IL | +1 708 602-2864

We have been happily married for 38 years and I've led weddings for 32 years. I want you two to have the same joy, not only a great wedding but also a great life together! It is all about committing to a love without conditions. I'll give you a free meeting and simplify the ceremony creation process for you.

Advanced Behavioral Solutions
Schaumburg, IL | +1 847 413-9001

We help our clients effectively navigate all facets of their relationships, at any stage. Counseling services include: Individual, pre-marital, marital, and relationship workshops available.

Couples Counseling Today
Highwood, IL | +1 847 266-8484

Premarital counseling can help you build a relationship that will last a lifetime. Learn ways to resolve conflict and communicate effectively.

Lincoln Counseling & Enrichment Associates
Lincoln, Nebraska | +1 402 488-8060

At Lincoln Counseling Enrichment Associates it is of utmost importance for our clients to feel comfortable and to experience quality care within a professional environment.

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