Samira and Maxwell

Photo Galleries

Enjoy some of our favorite engagement, fun, and inspirational photos!


Wow! All we can say is WOW! We've looked at our engagement photos so many times and we still can't believe how stunning they are. We feel like models ;)

Our photographer, Matt Ramos, is simply amazing. He's so passionate about photography and every image shows his talent and love of photography. We were so surprised to see the pictures that he captured where we were being goofy, or we were talking, taking a break, or not even paying attention - some of those turned out to be our favorites! We didn't even realize that Matt was still snapping away! True + Artistry.


We've looked at so many design and color options for our wedding - it's so much fun and there's so much available to see! It's hard to keep your vision moving in a straight line as every time we start looking for ideas and inspiration we get sidetracked with more and more beautiful ideas every day! We will keep adding to this collection as we run across ideas that we can't live without.