Natalie & Jessica


Follow Natalie and Jessie as they plan their commitment ceremony in record time!

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Interview at the ESB

Natalie and I met in the lobby of the Empire State Building on Friday afternoon, and were soon approached by two women who identified themselves as the PR representatives with whom we'd been emailing for months.  One represented, one the ESB.  They introduced us to a NY Post reporter and photographer, and then swept us towards the first of what seemed like a half dozen elevators.


Burlesque fun at Galapagos

Robert from Galapagos suggested that Natalie and I come to an event or a few to see how different events use the space, to get ideas for our reception.  I've been watching the calendar for an event that interests us and is on an evening when we're free.  Something finally came up that was perfect. Last night, we enjoyed a night of burlesque (featuring some of our favorites like Legs Malone ) and sideshow entertainment (including Donny Vomit , namesake of the Human Blockhead...



Natalie and I had hoped we could just mine the efforts of wedding planner and bride-to-be extraordinaire, Ada, and her fiance, Ben, when it came time to find our own wedding vendors.  After all, they are dear friends; have sophisticated, urban, and diverse tastes; and had already done all the research! While we were able to poach one person who will work at Ada and Ben's June 2009 wedding , their caterer, Yen of Real Food Catering , decided to take the weekend of our celebration...



Note: The following blog entry includes details on the couple's stylistic preferences.  Please do not take offense if we dislike everything you love; everyone should have the right to be picky about their wedding, and to design it precisely as they wish. Natalie and I are picky and inconsistent about wedding and reception traditions.  We reject some things as too "mushy" or "cheesy": unity candle heart-shaped anything

Others out of our feminist...


Jessie gets a dress

I had been searching for dresses online, and had a basic idea of what I wanted.  I actually ordered two dresses from the Internet--one from Macy's and one from J. Crew --just because I got such a good deal.  If they were the  dress, my hunt would have been over! However, the Macy's BCBG dress wasn't quite the right color, and so I decided to schedule an appointment at David's before the J. Crew dress arrived.  I brought my dear friend, Beth, with me, and had my...


Natalie finds her gown!

Natalie brought the whole female contingent of her family along with us on her wedding gown shopping extravaganza.  Well, we thought it would be an extravaganza--Natalie had made four appointments at various bridal salons over two days and is notoriously picky. Briar, Ronna, and we headed to Chelsea on a rainy Saturday to get to Natalie's morning Kleinfeld appointment.  If you're unfamiliar with the store, it's a massive building, practically a house of worship devoted to the...


We chose rings!

We have rings!  All four! We made our final decisions this afternoon in our ring quest.  We had already chosen my engagement ring setting and our basic ideas for Natalie's setting and wedding bands.  Natalie has some inherited diamonds, so I'll be able to get Natalie a fairly bling-y three-stone ring.  We wanted our bands to match, and to be complimentary to our engagement rings, which we know we did not want to match. Jennie at The Clay Pot in Park Slope...


Jessie begins the gown hunt

We went to RK Bridal after a celebratory lunch at Prune today.  It was uncrowded, presumably because it was the day before Thanksgiving, and Gilda had called my name before we had even finished reading the directions on the sign-up sheet. Things we learned:

There are serious rules when wedding dress shopping.  At RK, you are to pick out five gowns before anyone even begins to help us.
Wear socks when you have to walk around shoeless looking for more dresses....


First planning visit to Galapagos

We met Brian at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO for a preliminary meeting for our big day.  We have a lot to think about, and probably more than we can now imagine.  Natalie made sure to ask about decor, and I checked on the vital staff members--someone to work the coat check, plenty of bartenders, and a sound technician.  Things we still need to think about after today's visit:
Music .  Do we want to be able to trust someone else with our general stylistic...