Natalie & Jessica

The contest

Jessie entered a contest on to win a "wedding atop the Empire State Building." Here's a taste of her winning entry.

Jessie's winning entry

Jessie's winning entry

What is your connection to New York City and the Empire State Building?

"My partner and I used to visit her sister in New York, dreaming of one day making it to the city ourselves. Since moving here, we've shared some of our most romantic moments in view of the Empire State Building--either from another skyscraper, walking uptown on Park Avenue, or spending an afternoon on the other side of the East River. We've never managed to make it to the top of the building, however, and have only enjoyed the iconic New York landmark from elsewhere. Every time we cross the Manhattan Bridge on the subway or fly into JFK, we see the ESB and know we're home. It's the perfect place to wed because the ESB has such a historic and cultural importance to NYC. There is no place more stimulating, beautiful, and romantic in the city."

How did you meet?

"Natalie and I met at a bar in Northampton, Mass., when we were students at Smith College. We had participated in the same activities and shared mutual friends, but never knew the other one existed until the night of Sept. 29, 2005. We danced and talked and fell in love. We've been together ever since!"

The prize

Below is what's included in Natalie and Jessie's prize package. It's basically everything for the ceremony except the dresses and rings!

"-- Have your ceremony in a beautiful space in the Empire State Building, specially designed by
-- Have access to editors to answer all your style questions
-- Hear from the officiate in the months ahead to personalize your vows
-- Choose your own processional and recessional music
-- Have your hair and makeup professionally done
-- Receive beautiful flowers
-- Enjoy your first champagne toast
-- Receive a special gift bag
-- And so much more..."



Check out the contest website for photos, video, and details from previous years' events. Natalie and Jessie will be added to the site soon!