Natalie & Jessica


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William Sauro

Feb 17, 2009

My Wedding Reception Toast:

Good evening… as father of one of the brides, I'd like to propose several toasts:

First, to everyone who is here to support Natalie and Jessie. It’s so great to have you all here in Brooklyn.

Also, here’s to Jessie: A truly welcome addition to our family. Her sensibilities, skills and smartness are a wonderful compliment to our daughter’s strengths. We really love her!

And to our daughter, Natalie. What a great kid! You’ve never disappointed us and your work ethic and academic prowess are to be truly admired. You’ve always made any room you enter sparkle with fun. An infectious laugh; a marvelous smile; a caring nature that touches all.

You weren’t easy to create, shall we say. But boy are we glad we did everything we could do to make a baby like you. You’ve grown into a beautiful woman, and you make us proud to be called your parents.

And finally,

May the love you've expressed to each other today,
Be the first thing you remember when things go astray.

Here’s to Natalie and Jessie!


Feb 12, 2009


Martha Allen

Feb 11, 2009

Congratulations! Very exciting and special. - love, Martha

Nanci and your AZ family

Jan 17, 2009

CONGRATS!! You two are so beautiful together! May you be blessed by a lifetime of love!! Sorry we can't be with you, but I'm hoping there can be a SFO family party in June??

Vanita, Austin, Lindsey and Juli

Jan 14, 2009

A perfect union.....
Natalie, Jessie and Olive...
Whistle Wedding Wishes..say that three say it again but faster...

Eric Atienza

Jan 14, 2009

I'm late to the digital party, but congratulations! I"m incredibly happy for both of you.

Adam Barr

Jan 9, 2009

This is completely awesome! I'm really happy for you both. Best of luck and if you two find yourself in the midwest, please get in touch. We have tons of space and would love to see you. St. Louis isn't Park Slope, but you would have a seriously awesome tour guide (me). Again congrats!

Sarah Carmody Brokering

Jan 8, 2009

Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I hope you have a beautiful day and a lifetime of happiness.

Aunt Cathy & Uncle Tom Carmody

Jan 4, 2009

May you always be surrounded by good and kind people who share your love and joy. We hope that life gets better and better. We are so happy for you!

Leslee Dziarnowski

Dec 16, 2008

Can't wait for your big weekend - so exciting!! Congrats again!


Dec 3, 2008

Congratulations, dear ones! I am so thrilled and delighted for you. You deserve all good things!

Tim and Lynne

Dec 2, 2008

Your story is amazing and we send you our heartfelt wishes for a wonderful and fulfilling life together!

j. asmine

Nov 30, 2008

"from this moment on"
cole porter

Lauren Moore

Nov 27, 2008


Aunt Patti

Nov 24, 2008

Congrats you two cuties! How 'bout sharing the winning entry from the Brides contest?

Virginia Phillips

Nov 20, 2008

I wish you two all of the heartfelt congrats in the world! Judging from the splendid website creation it seems as though Jessie's 12-millionth talent is wedding planning! Can't wait to hear more!

Maria Skolnik

Nov 20, 2008

Natalie and Jessica--I am so happy for the two of you. You have found true love in a best friend, which is what we each dream of. Congratulations! I wish you two the very best. Always, Maria

Katie Chase

Nov 19, 2008


Your plans for the day sound so perfect!! This website is seriously awesome, too.


Nov 18, 2008

A big congratulations to you both! The website, plans, locations, date, everything sounds amazing. I am so excited for you two! Best of luck!


Nov 18, 2008

Congrats! I hope, and I know you will, that you both have an amazing wedding! I am so happy for you two!


Nov 18, 2008

Congratulations to one beautiful, sparkling, and vivacious couple!
The Web site is stunning in its simplicity, and I'm sure your special day will be as fabulous as you both.


Nov 17, 2008


Such happy news.


Nov 17, 2008

This is so sweet---I would have picked you guys too if I was in charge of the thing!!! Can't wait for the big day.

Ada Fung & Ben Platt

Nov 15, 2008

Congratulations guys, we're so happy for you!!