Natalie & Jessica

Our Story

Natalie: I think we should re-write "Our Story."
Jessie: You mean make it up?
N: No, just make it cuter.
J: Okay... So how did we meet?
N: Long ago, at Smith. It was cold and you were wearing your Hillary t-shirt, a gray blazer, and a navy blue L.L. Bean down puffy vest. But I liked you anyway...

J: Why hadn't we ever met before?
N: I don't know--we had a lot of friends who knew each other. And we were both Junior Ushers!
J: We were both Junior Ushers. But we had never met until that night at Packard's.
N: We danced all night.

N: I brought you home to meet my family really early.
J: Well, I met some of your family. Your Brooklyn family. And your Mom came to Smith. I think they liked me right away.
N: They liked you right away.

N: And then we took the U-Haul to Brooklyn from Smith.
J: (Thanks, Erik and Mom, for driving it.)
N: And then we got Olive.
J: Tiny baby Olive.
N: And we fell in love with her and made a happy family.
J: Man, she was a pain with the whining and the scratching and the barking and the peeing...

To be continued...