Nelson & Ann

Driving Directions to Batu Pahat from South

This page is specially dedicated to friends driving from the South to Batu Pahat for the wedding party.

Exit Ayer Hitam Toll (Exit 244)

This is the last toll exit that you can take to come into Batu Pahat - this is perhaps the easiest, most straightforward and fastest way into Batu Pahat - from the toll to the town will not take you more than 25min. But this is also the most expensive toll if you're coming from the North.

Once you exit the toll, turn left (right will take you to Kluang). Go straight on till you arrive at the next traffic lights. Continue to go straight, passing all traffic lights along the way. On your way, Fujitsu and Harta Packaging on your right. You will also come to Taman Universiti and Universiti Kolej Dato' Onn on your right. Continue straight - you will then come to the famous Sri Gading Industrial area. First factory on your left is Sharp - you're on the right track.

Continue from here - you'll pass Pacific Mall or BP Mall on your right. Continue straight on - in about less than 10min or so (depending on traffic) you will see a HUGE mosque on your right and Tenaga Nasional right opposite it. Still go straight until you come to a roundabout with a huge tree in the middle.

Take the 9 o'clock turn. Continue to drive on till you see the sign Bukit Banang Golf Club, Bandar Banang Jaya and turn left into the road (the road sign will say Jalan Gemilang). In the meantime you'll see Seaview Grand Restaurant on your right, after a set of traffic lights. You will see 2 schools on your left - they are Chinese High School and Cheng Siu Primary School. You will also see a shooting range and a Christian cemetery on your left.

From here, you can either choose to call me or continue to go a little farther in. If to continue, just follow the road - do not turn anywhere - till you see the sign Evergreen Heights. Call me from here.