Lane & Mandi

Our Story

Part I

The Beginning

I moved to Tampa in August 2000 and met Lane 2 weeks later at the USF Hillel house. I remember that day so well... it was the new member picnic and I looked across the yard and saw the most beautiful young man! I got nervous and excited and I thought to myself, “Is this why I am in Tampa?” Lane invited me to hang out with him and some friends afterwards, and I went. I was thoroughly warned that he was a “player” and I proceeded with caution. Looking back I think he was just a hot commodity and the girls who warned me were really looking out for themselves.

Part II

Part II

Lane and I drifted apart as he was preoccupied with being a hard working grown up and I was preoccupied with being on my own for the first time. We both knew we had a special connection, although our lives were on different paths at the time. However, we never moved too far from each other. We kept in touch via surprise AIM conversations and met on certain holidays. It wasn’t such a coincidence that I was always around to wish him and his family a happy new year. This just goes to show that if you don’t get prosecuted for stalking, you might be able to marry your dream man!

Part III


I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are no accidental coincidences in life. Meeting Lane gave me the opportunity to long for somebody for years. I got to live out the most romantic story that I know. I know that had we not rekindled our relationship that we would have been plagued by the unknown for the rest of our lives. Instead, I am blessed by having a true partnership, love and friendship with my most perfect match.