Gloria & Janis

Our Wedding Story

It was a small French resto in Old Montreal, where Gloria asked Janis, with a hint of nervousness and excitement, "Will you marry me?” After dinner they toured the streets of Old Montreal, on a cold November evening, in a carriage pulled by a horse named Paco.

It was to be a weekend of recovery and rejuvenation. A celebration of completing 6 months of chemo treatment.

It ended up to be a weekend the couple would never forget and cherish deep within their hearts.

18 months later...

Our wedding journey is not your average one.
We had 4 weeks to plan our dream wedding.
During the preparations we practiced to breathe deep and exhale throughout the entire process.

We had been chosen as the winners of the 2010 Dream Wedding contest from ProudFM.

Our wedding was sponsored by vendors who helped make our wedding a dream on top of the world.

We would like to share our experience with each of the people and businesses, which left a beautiful mark in our journey of creating our dream wedding.

Dragos Productions

Our personal Wedding Planner
Dragos Productions

Daniel Chimento, of Dragos Productions, was our Wedding Planner.
Very excited to have a personal planner, Daniel was our go-to-guy for all of our vendor/supplier appointments.

The first appointment on our agenda was the dresses.

You can't have brides without beautiful wedding dresses.

All the other appointments flowed with ease from there...

Meeting with the ceremony coordinator from the church, applying for a marriage license, meeting with the reception venue, the cake, flowers… the list goes on, and we only had four weeks for all of these appointments and decisions to be made for our dream wedding. ~sigh!

Daniel was our savior throughout all of our preparations.

Our soft-spoken wedding planner had everything in order and ensured our big day was organized, with all of our expectations met.

A heartfelt thank you to Daniel, from the brides.

The Brides' Project

Helen Sweet, our wedding dress sweetheart!
The Brides' Project

When hearing about our wedding dress gift it truly touched our hearts, as profits from Helen Sweet's dress shop are donated to cancer research.

We learned that The Brides' Project aims to donate $10K quarterly to cancer research.

We had our dress consultations separately, as it was important for us not to see our dresses before our big day.

Not knowing, we both selected dresses which were from a bridal boutique in Paris, Ontario.

We are extremely grateful for Helen Sweet and her beautiful dresses, which made us feel like princesses for our wedding day.

CN Tower Horizons & 360 Restaurant

Our dream wedding on top of the city
CN Tower Horizons & 360 Restaurant

We did not realize what a dream wedding on top of the city truly was, until the moment of our ceremony, when we looked out to blue waters complimenting the bluest sky, with hues of red and orange bursting from the sun.

Krista Kalbfleisch, Marketing Manager at the CN Tower, took care of our ceremony and reception desires from the beginning stages of preparation until the evening of our reception. She is thorough, organized and graciously tended to all of our requests.
At times we sense she appreciated our inner desire to be Event Planners, as we provided her with detailed ceremony and reception seating plans & guest list. Though possibly at other times, she may have wished for us to stick with our current day jobs and leave the planning to her and her experienced team.

Having a venue that stands sky high is a blessing. However, to have a menu that was as mouthwatering as the one provided to us, was a gift beyond measure.

A notable mention is due to the wait staff at our reception. Their service was amazing!
We received compliments from guests raving about the service, along with our own reflections of the outstanding service we received. They seemed to manage to treat us with priority, being the guests of honour, and that was a nice small added touch.

The CN Tower is a wonderful and magical place to host your special day.

We thank you for allowing us to dream sky high!

Floral Fetish

Bella our wedding florist
Floral Fetish

Our experience with the Floral Fetish Design, left us with the true feeling of winning a dream wedding.

Bella, the owner of the quaint flower shop, had us painting floral dreams, which did not come with an underlying price cap. She did not once bring up the topic of cost and exceeding a prize cost limit. She allowed us to dream colours and floral design without any limitations.

When she consulted with us, she drew colours from our personalities, rather than choosing from a boring floral catalogue, which allowed for our floral pieces to be one of a kind and unique to our wedding.

We headed out of her shop feeling light and giddy. We put our trust in her design ideas, and the next time we saw Bella, she had our beautiful bouquets and centerpieces created, ready for our ceremony and reception.

Bella has a wonderful, inspiring personality, and her floral designs match her beautiful soul.

Hair Sensations & Skin Care

Hair & Make-up by a true professional
Hair Sensations & Skin Care

We owe a special thank you, to Domenica and her assistant at Hair Sensations salon, for doing such wonderful work on the morning of our wedding day.

Being natural girls, with only lipstick in our make-up bags, you transformed us into blushing brides.

Thank you for your patience and amazing work.

103.9 ProudFM

The source of our dream wedding
103.9 ProudFM

Without the wonderful radio station, 103.9 ProudFM, our dream wedding would still remain a dream.

Thank you for allowing us to dream big and be proud.

Love & Regards, Gloria & Janis

Many thanks to the following for your amazing gifts and services

We are very thankful for your help and gifts for our special day

Diamonds For Less who gave us the gift of adorning us with jewelry of our choice

GIB*SAN Pool and Landscape Creations for the amazing Napoleon Gas BBQ gift

Celebrity Limousine for our wedding day transportation

Workshop Gallery for the custom photo framing gift

Delta Chelsea Toronto for our amazing Honeymoon Suite

Arcane Bliss for our naughty gift basket gift

Madeleines Cherry Pie & Ice Cream for our beautiful wedding cake

Photography prize package provided by Karen Braaten

Personal photography provided by Candice Ablaza

Emily Sun, our beautiful Violinist

Lastly, though first in our hearts

To our family & friends

There are no words to express the gratitude we have for our family and friends who shared in celebrating this day with us. We love you and appreciate you more than words can express.
You are a gift to have in our lives and we are truly blessed beyond measure because of your love and support.