Anthony & Janice

Our Story

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Where it all started

How we met...
Where it all started

Janice's bestfriend, Jajah had an officemate who saw a picture of her with her bestfriends on her table at work. He found one of the girls "cute" and wanted to meet/know her.. However, he was still in a relationship then, and the girl being a bit of a goody-goody and "conservative" (daw!?), didn't want to entertain the guy aside from a few "hi" and "hello" in YM THRU Jajah pa..;)

Yes, you thought right... The girl was Janice and the officemate was Anthony..:)

More than a year has passed, Anthony was then already working in Singapore and SINGLE... Sometime in 2006, he got an invitation to be the Best Man on his HS friend Glenn's wedding. He was still in touch with Jajah, and asked her if she knows anyone he could ask for a date for the wedding.. Jajah thought of Janice..

It was September 18, 2006 when Anthony again tried to contact Janice thru email. These two has surely exchanged a LOT of emails! Haha!.. Just a few days after, Anthony also started calling Janice.. And he called her a LOT of times too!.. His phone bills would definitely prove that!.. LOL!!.. They spent a lot of time getting to know each other... and finally met face-to-face October 27 (day before Glenn's wedding)... and that's where it all started.........:)

The Proposal

Our first out-of-country trip together
The Proposal

Well, some people would probably think we're crazy.. because as early as the 1st month of our relationship, we already felt that our relationship is the "forever-and-ever" kind.. When I came to Singapore during our first monthsary, Anthony even already asked me to marry him (of course he doesn't really mean in the NEAR future, but just to know if i would consider it) during our ferry boat ride along Clarke Quay...

Since we were in a long distance relationship (LDR), I've also said (during one of our "skype" conversations) that I want us to be in the same COUNTRY first for at least 6 months, before we decide to get married.. Of course things are different in LDR from the usual bf-gf relationship..

March 2008, I decided to take a career risk, and went to Singapore to be with 3 of the closest people in my life: my sister Jasmin, my bestfriend Jajah, and (of course) my "mahal" Anthony.

As usual, we have discussed marrying in the future... but of course, now being MORE realistic, financial matters became the issue.. ehehe! We know we'd have to save up first..;) As months passed, I could feel that Anthony was getting serious everyday about wanting us to get married..

With all that... the intention to marry me didn't come as a surprise, but the proposal certainly was!.. I never thought he would do it during our quick getaway vacation to Rawa, Malaysia..:) Even my sister was surprised... ehehe!.. Looked like she knew Anthony already bought the ring.. but thought that the plan was to propose to me on Christmas day...

But my (now) fiance is just too eager.. LOL!!.. He proposed to me past midnight (Oct 27 too!!), just before we were about to call it a night... He didn't give me the sweetest words... nor knelt down on one knee.. but just knowing he saved money to buy me a ring (he's the happy-go-lucky type of guy, esp. financially :P).. and know that he's now really focused on our future (keeps thinking of possible investments)... like I always say, actions speak louder than words...:) and that was more than enough for me...:)