Choosing A Theme

OK, purple may be your favorite color and so you know for sure that you’re going to have a lilac bouquet, have mauve candy in vases as your centerpieces and that your bridesmaids’ dresses will be aubergine… but that doesn’t mean you have the “theme” of the wedding nailed. That’s the color scheme – only part of the theme. Other elements need to be considered when it comes to the theme because whatever you decide will determine the atmosphere, mood and tone of your big day. Not to mention your budget.

Firstly, do you want a big or a small wedding? Do you want a formal, fancy affair or would you rather go for a more casual soiree? Are you going to stick close to home or jet off for a destination wedding? All of these questions intertwine with the other – you can’t expect to have a huge wedding if you’re asking guests to head to Jamaica (unless all of your friends have endless cash, so many vacation days they don’t know how to spend them and no responsibilities at home – as if!). Then, once you have all the big decisions sorted, feel free to go loopy with the lilac!

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