Setting The Date

365 days: 1 decision. There are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding date:

  • Planning time. A small, informal celebration can be pulled together in a fairly short space of time, but a major event could take a whole year – or more – to arrange.
  • Weather. While a summer wedding can’t guarantee sunshine, the odds are higher than if you opt for a fall wedding. Likewise, if you want a white, snow-capped big day, the middle of August is unlikely to deliver.
  • Availability of your desired venue. You can expect a Saturday during “wedding season” (June-September) to get booked up quickly, so you might want to consider going off-season or planning a midweek or Sunday wedding – which are often cheaper than a Saturday one.
  • Your anniversary. It may sound obvious but remember that the day you get married will be your anniversary. Some people like to “spread out” different celebrations throughout the year so they can have fun occasions to look forward to rather than having them all clumped together. If this sounds like you, avoid setting the date around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, your birthday or any other holidays that you celebrate. Having said this, some people like to plan their wedding near holidays because their families are typically around so everyone can enjoy a double celebration while in a festive mood!
  • Prior commitments. Are you a bridesmaid in the coming year? Do you have an important work trip organized? Have you promised to help your sister move house? Make sure you check your diary before settling on a date. And ask people you want in your bridal party what commitments they have too.
  • Events. As well as checking your own – and your loved one’s calendars – look to see if there are any conventions, big sporting events or public celebrations coming to town. If there are, this could affect your guests’ ability to find accommodation/parking… and everyone involved in the wedding could get stuck in traffic (including you!)
  • Your honeymoon. If you’re planning your romantic getaway for immediately after the wedding, be sure to check that this is a good time to visit your desired destination – donning a raincoat on your honeymoon as it’s rainy season is never a good look.

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