Bachelor Party

Films like The Hangover, Very Bad Things and Bachelor Party are enough to strike fear into even the most understanding of fiancées. The idea that her man will a) Turn into a breast-obsessed fiend, b) Drink his own body weight in tequila and c) Have no recollection of a) or b) is enough to make her suggest he celebrate his last night/weekend of freedom with a sedate round of golf with his dad. But the brides-to-be should try not to worry too much… the love of their life is sure to be returned intact, if not a little bleary-eyed.

Below is a list of general bachelor-party etiquette:

  1. No girls allowed. Period.
  2. It’s usually organized by the best man with the help of the other groomsmen. He’s in charge of inviting the guests, making reservations and organizing the entertainment.
  3. A bachelor party shouldn’t be arranged for the night before the wedding, especially if alcohol is involved in the celebrations. A disheveled and smelly-breathed groom is never going to be a good thing. If he even wakes up in time for the wedding!
  4. While exotic dancers seem to be par for the course for many bachelor parties, if the groom-to-be just isn’t into oiled-up strangers rubbing themselves against him, the best man should give him a break and let him enjoy the party with activities he’ll like. If he’s big into the outdoors, camping is a great idea. Or if he’s an adrenaline junkie, a skydive would be awesome.
  5. If people are drinking, it’s important that transportation is organized – taxis, limos, public transport or designated drivers.
  6. What happens on the bachelor party stays on the bachelor party. Until the photos make it onto Facebook, that is!

Let the bromance begin at: