Bachelorette Party

Gathering the girls for some fun without the boys is the perfect way to wave goodbye to singledom. It’s a great excuse for the bride to sip champagne at 10am, get pampered within an inch of her life and giggle uncontrollably at the sight of her mom drinking a Sex On The Beach through a rudely shaped straw (“Oh, Mom, what would Dad say? NO, WAIT, DON’T ANSWER THAT!”)

Read on to discover the general etiquette of a bachelorette party:

  1. It’s usually organized by the matron/maid of honor with help from the bridesmaids. She’s in charge of inviting the guests, making reservations and organizing the entertainment. She should ask the bride if she wants “grown-ups” to be included in the plans – like her mom, grandma, aunts or mother-in-law-to- be. People who aren’t invited to the wedding shouldn’t be invited to the bachelorette party.

  2. It should most definitely not be organized for the night before the wedding. A bride needs to be rested, sober, not hung over, calm and looking like a million dollars. She doesn’t want her wedding photos portraying a green, panda-eyed mess who feels like a marching band is stomping through her head.

  3. The bride shouldn’t have to open her purse during her bachelorette party. The cost of everything should be covered by the group.

  4. As the bachelorettes are paying the expenses, it’s not expected for them to give the bride gifts on top of this. However, if they want to, some silly offerings such as erotic toys, raunchy lingerie and “in-joke” presents wouldn’t go amiss.

  5. If drinking features in the celebrations, it’s important that transportation is organized – taxis, limos, public transport or designated drivers. And someone should be in charge of making sure they are where they’re supposed to be – no one likes standing around waiting in heels. Ouch!

  6. Here’s a list of items that commonly sneak their way onto a bachelorette party: some kind of headpiece for the bride (a tiara, silly wig or hat); a feather boa; and a dare list, which includes ways for the bride to humiliate herself – dancing on tables, asking a man to remove his undies, singing to a stranger… things like that.

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