Couples’ Shower

Many couples these days opt for a couples’ shower rather than the bride having one and the groom being left to wonder why his intended comes home after hers with marshmallow in her hair, a pink tongue and more gifts with “Bride” written on than you can shake a Sex And The City box-set at.

Read on to discover how two worlds collide:

  1. Couples’ showers often feel more like a party than a typical “shower” because, well, there are guys there too! The festivities still revolve around gifts but they are of the more “home décor/gadget” persuasion so that both the bride and groom can enjoy them.

  2. The location of the party can really be wherever, from a barbecue in someone’s backyard to a bar to a restaurant. If it’s a themed event, obviously it will be less “fluffy” than a bridal shower. Theme ideas include: around-the-world, where international cuisine is served; sports, where games like volleyball, softball and tag football are encouraged; and a games shower, where a personalized game show can be devised for the happy couple to play.

  3. The invitation should explain that this is a co-ed shindig – you don’t want the female guests to come bearing gifts of sexy lingerie, expecting an afternoon of girly gossiping, only to be disappointed when they’re met with an abundance of facial hair and “How ’bout them Knicks?” conversations.

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