Post-Wedding Brunch

Why should the party be over just because no one’s wearing a white dress anymore? A post-wedding brunch is a great way to dissect the day before… “Who smooched who? What was Cousin Jenny wearing? Wasn’t it funny when the groom slipped over during the first dance? Etc etc”. On the wedding day, the bride and groom are so busy talking to everyone/having photos taken/cutting the cake/being in love that they usually miss out on some of the action – this brunch means they can be told what went on… and they can relive the parts they were involved in.

Here are some points on the post-wedding brunch:

  1. As well as a great reason to recount the previous day, a brunch the day after the wedding is a lovely way to say your farewells and thank yous to friends and family who live far away from you. Rushing your goodbyes and “couldn’t have done it without yous” at the end of the reception would be a bit of a shame/time waster when there’s valuable boogying time left before the band packs up and goes home.

  2. There are no strict rules on who should host the brunch – it can be the bride and groom, a relative or friend… or each guest can contribute.

  3. It should be held near the wedding location so that no one has to travel very far to get there.

  4. Who gets invited? Certainly not every guest from the wedding! Usually it’s the bridal party and immediate family of the bride and groom. The idea is that it’s kept intimate so that the newlyweds can talk to people individually in a relaxed fashion without having to “rush around” everyone.

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