In a perfect world, you could step into a bridal shop, witness the heavenly glow emanating from the first dress you see, and simply know "That's the one." In reality, finding the perfect dress and corresponding attire usually requires a great deal of consideration, thoughtful planning, and repeated "I owe you one!"s to the loyal friends and family who accompany you from store to store, lending their support and advice.

"How about gorgeous A-line midi, complete with a décolletage neckline and butterfly back in silk charmeuse with Chantilly overlay?" If you find yourself reaching for the Advil after reading this phrase, don't fret - our resource articles will have you spouting wedding lingo like a natural in no time. The following section will guide you through the world of bridal cuts and flairs, helping you discover a dress that flatters your body, represents your style, and brings you comfort and compliments all day long. Once you've laid claim to your dream gown, read up on how to seamlessly coordinate your wedding party's attire for an utterly classy and put-together look.