You can truly go to town with the decorations at your wedding. They are a wonderful way to display your personality and unify the components of your ceremony and reception. They can range anywhere from flowers to twinkle lights, balloons to mirror balls. Or you can even transport your guests around the world with your decorations – how about coconut cups and dangling flip-flops for a Hawaiian-themed wedding? Or fake snow and plastic penguins to create a wedding winter wonderland? The world, literally, is your oyster.


A large part of your decoration budget will go on table centerpieces. Many couples go for flower arrangements but this isn’t your only option by any means. In fact, the options are pretty much infinite! When it comes to centerpieces, it’s really a case of “anything goes”. Candles and mirrors are popular choices, as is greenery woven into a pretty display. But you can really use anything you can lay your hands on: fruit, nuts, branches, candy, seashells, photographs… heck, even fish tanks! They can be elaborate, simple, inventive or downright kooky – whatever takes your fancy. Using a cowboy boot instead of a vase, anyone?

Bear in mind that the centerpieces should either be all the same on each table – or at least follow the same theme. But the head table’s centerpiece should be more elaborate than the others.

For inspiration on centerpieces, visit:


Balloons can be used in a number of ways at a wedding. They can be made into an arch at the entrance of a venue or as a backdrop behind the cake. Make sure that the balloons match your color scheme – perhaps choose a color from your bouquet or go with the bridesmaid-dress color.

Some couples like to release them into the sky either after the ceremony or at the reception. This adds a memorable spectacle to the day – but make sure that you won’t be breaking any laws by doing this. Some states view this as littering so it’s illegal. Check before you decide on this display – and also check that there are no wires where the balloons could get tangled up.


A few choice lights can make the difference from a drab reception hall into a dazzling venue that guests will remember forever. The right lighting can set the perfect mood for your celebrations, whether you want that to be bright and colorful or cozy and romantic. One idea is to have spotlights on the centerpieces and the cake, another is to have the arches and pillars illuminated.

Lighting has the ability to transform a room into something unexpected. Guests may have been to your venue many times before but lighting it in a particular way may make it surprisingly unrecognizable. With fancy lighting, you can play with the color, texture and movement of things. For example, if you are going for a beach theme, lighting could be projected onto the walls to give the impression of an ocean lapping at the guests’ feet.

Venues with high ceiling and little natural light are ideal for extra lighting. Make sure that the venue you decide on has enough power for both the lighting and the band/DJ.

Below are some lighting options:

  • Color Wash. A “veil” of color over an entire area, which adds dramatic effect.
  • Gobos. These are stencils placed over lights to project a design. At weddings these designs are very often monograms and are projected onto the dance floor.
  • Intelligent Lighting. This involves customized colors, patterns and movement and is the most sophisticated selection.
  • Pin Spots. These are often used to light up centerpieces, the cake or other areas that you want to stand out.
  • Uplighting. Lights sit on the floor and are pointed up so as to highlight the venue architecture. This is often a more affordable option.

Fun Ideas

Check out these links for more ideas and inspiration on how to adorn your wedding. Happy decorating!