Peter & Danielle

We're Getting Married

Peter & Danielle

Our wedding date: August 17, 2013

Our Love Story

We met at Link Engineering on January 9th, 2012. Everything happened so fast that I am not sure if we remember it! We fell in love almost instantly. Not only did we see and feel it but so did all of our friends and family. The year flew by and our love grew. When you feel as if you known someone for a lifetime you know it is just perfect and right.

On New Years Eve (also the Eve of Peter's Birth), Peter popped the question inside of a photo both at a Black Tie event. Phone calls were made, tears were shed and we know we couldn't be happier. It is truly amazing the moment when you find the one you want to spend eternity with. Just like my mom always told me "It will hit you in the head like a brick" and boy did I feel it.

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