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Snuggle up on the couch and prepare for a marriage that lasts a lifetime. You will learn about Emotional Intimacy, Communication, Compatibility, Expectations and much more. The M101 DIGITAL DUO fun, affordable and done in the privacy of home. Weddings are but a day, marriage is for a lifetime. Save $25. See Clip for details

Vanieca Kraus
Portland, OR | +1 503 766-6547

In premarital counseling, I will help you identify your strengths and areas of growth, improve communication skills, and develop skills that will strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Ledbury Counseling
Portland, OR | +1 971 263-1776

Professional Therapist offering affordable premarital counseling in the Portland area during weekend hours.

Aaron K. Potratz
Beaverton, OR | +1 971 222-8166

Using some fun and informative tools, I try and make premarital counseling enjoyable and productive. Together we will discover and improve growth areas while strengthening your relationship positives!

Jennifer Jones Counseling
Lake Oswego, OR | +1 503 489-8653

I offer premarital and marriage counseling for couples. I will help you and your partner start your marriage in the right direction by helping you to learn skills that will enhance your communication, connection, and intimacy!

Integrity Counseling
Vancouver, WA | +1 360 356-8756

With premarital counseling, not only can you strengthen your relationship and deepen your bond now, but you can learn relationship skills that will help your relationship last a lifetime.

Six-Principle Baptist Church of Albany
Albany, OR | +1 541 967-2813

We offer premarital counseling to all that are in need of our service. Please feel free to contact us and lets discuss your needs.

Weddings with Heart
Bend, OR | +1 541 312-3393

Rev. Mary Ellen Deckelmann - Performing Simple to Formal to Sacred Ceremonies in the location of your choice throughout the Northwest the World since 1995. Bend, Oregon a Beautiful Wedding Destination with tons of options. Officiant, Celebrant,& Minister honoring all paths to love.

Jay Stringer, Therapist
Seattle, WA | +1 206 465-8077

Strengthen your marriage before it begins with an experienced licensed mental health counselor. Counseling will explore themes of marriage as they relate to conflict, family of origin, commitment, and hope. I look forward to working with you both. -Jay Stringer, M.Div, MA, LMHC

Modern Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Organizations. Premarital counseling for every type of couple, from a preventative health care point of view.

Secular Marriage Education Program. Learn what is takes to have a successful marriage, now and down the road. Learn what to expect and ways to meet challenges. Learn your relationship strengths and how to keep them going and learn where you can improve. Learn about each other, new skills and have fun in the process.

Birch Counseling
Seattle, WA | +1 206 914-1962

Birch Counseling can help you get on your way to a happy and healthy future. Free consultation and ask about our sliding scale. Offices in Kingston and Seattle.

Shannon Kolakowski, Licensed Psychologist
Bellevue, WA | +1 425 457-6367

Shannon Kolakowski, PsyD provides couples and pre-marital counseling, helping couples to strengthen their relationship and communication skills. Dr. Kolakowski is a relationship expert, with a speciality in helping couples whose relationship has been impacted by depression.

Acquire the tools necessary to avoid the common pitfalls of long-term romantic relationships and to negotiate the road ahead. Counseling is tailored to the unique needs of the couple, their goals and their values. *** Inquire about our reduced-rate 6-session package.

Learn how to enhance connection and resolve conflict before areas of difference, negative habits or relational patterns become entrenched. Through our work together, we will identify and build upon your unique strengths as a couple and identify potential areas for growth.

Maika D'Ambrosi, Ph.D.
Seattle, WA | +1 206 219-9533

I am a Seattle-area clinical psychologist specializing in adults with anxiety disorders and couples in distress. I can help you reach your goals. I work closely with you to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

Selena Gray Counseling
Seattle, WA | +1 206 898-3366

Invest in your marriage before your wedding day. Customized pre-marital counseling to help you prepare for this next step in your journey together. Certified Prepare & Enrich facilitator for religious and non-religious couples.

Nicole Lincoln Counseling
Seattle, WA | +1 206 280-3833

Invest in building a solid foundation for a strong & healthy marriage to flourish! With the Pre-Marital Package, I will help you identify relationship strengths & potential areas of growth, improve communication skills, and develop tools to bring out the best in each other even during the most challenging moments.

Saint Benedict Church
Seattle, WA | +1 206 632-6140

St. Benedict's provides a marriage preparation class to assist you in preparing for the biggest commitment of your life.

Naoko Nakano Brown, MA, LMHC
Seattle, WA | +1 206 354-9419

Engagement is an excellent time to reflect and rediscover yourself and each other. Come in for pre-marital counseling to strengthen your connection and feel like you're on the same page.

Adaptive Counseling
| +1 970 823-2787

Navigating your commitment to another can be both challenging and rewarding. Get started on the right foot with premarital counseling. Learn the keys to a successful and satisfactory relationship that recognizes the importance balancing your personal values with needs of your partner.

Welcome to Premarital Counseling and Congratulations! PC is a combination of therapy and education about major areas of relationship to create a healthy, successful and loving marriage.

Spend time on your marriage before it begins. Find out how to love one another through stressful times. Develop habits to keep your marriage strong and lifelong.

Manda Cook Counseling
| +1 206 486-5552

Congratulations--you're getting married! As a premarital counselor, my purpose is not to tell you whether or not you "should" get married but rather to help you identify potential conflict areas to give your marriage the best beginning possible. I offer special packages which financial value during an expense-filled time.

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