Kelvan & Wan Hua

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Life for us after the proposal...


A poem, a ring and a bouquet of red roses...An elegant aristocrat asks to hold the hand of a lolita lady to spend the rest of her life with him.

My fav. ROM photo

Our ROM photoshoot in the monastery before the ceremony. Thanks to Chris and Jane who helped us to take beautiful photos.

Wedding Lolita Dress from JEJ

I want my wedding dress to be a victorian lolita style... Spent some time finding pictures of different lolita dresses to give me ideas...

Innocent World Dress Coordinate

I'm going to wear lolita dress too for my ROM. But I'm still choosing between two dresses. One is sweet, one is princess-like.

As for Kelvan, he's wearing back his tuxedo. Maybe I'll help him find a nice hat and black gloves to go with his outfit.

Carriage Box

I am rather particular with the packaging of wedding favors. I really want it to suit my wedding theme. Chocolates, soaps will be good ideas.. but still opened to other ideas if they are not expensive.

Mary Magdalene Ruby Flower Dress

This gallery will show the dresses which I have bought and prepared for my wedding photo shoot. Most of them will be Classic or Sweet lolita dresses which I have bought from time to time just for the photo shoot.