Kelvan & Wan Hua

Our Story

Fate brought us together.
Love brought us together.
Holding hands as we walked,
Comforting each other when we fall.
Let's continue this path together
And hold each other, love each other and treasure each other.

The Proposal Poem

The Proposal Poem

Seven long have we been together,
Seven long years have we accompanied one another,
This journey we had,
Seems like a path which we were bound to have,
The love we have seems like a dream which i have yet to wake,
A pleasant dream which i wish it would forever take,
Do you remember the initial days where i followed you behind away from your family's watchful eyes,
Do you remember the day i held you close and tasted your breath under xiao guilin's faithful eyes,
such sweet memories we have made...

A new journey awaits,
And shall we undertake it? You and me?
To care and love you is a promise i have made,
This ring before me here i present to you,

Will you walk this journey with me to an endless eternity?
Will you lend me your eyes for without you i can hardly see?
Will you give me your mind and soul so that you can guide me?
Will you give me your love to appease my famish soul?
Will you accept this ring and marry me?

For i will be your knight in shining armour,
For i will be your pillar when your mind and sould falters,
For i will be your elegant gothic arsitocrat to amuse you,
For i will be your man to protect only you,
For to you i have already given you all i have and you are the only person that makes me a better man.
Marry me will you please?

Written and proposed by:
Kelvan Siew Tuck Wing for her princess...