Private wedding websites require visitors to enter a password before viewing the website. At the wedding couple's discretion vistors may also be required to register with mywedding. The privacy feature allows couples to control who visits and interacts with their site. Accessing a private wedding website is simple and requires at most 2 steps.

Step 1 - Log in or Register (If required)

If you already have a account, simply log in.

Log in Screen

If you do not have a account, you can create an account in one step.

Sign up for an account

Step 2 - Enter the wedpass

The first time you visit a private website you will be asked to supply a wedpass. The wedpass is a secret password the couple sets and gives out to people they wish to view their website.

If you have already received a wedpass enter it now.


If you do not have a wedpass, contact the couple to obtain the password.