Jenni & Karen

Making a Family

A Tale of Love and Magic

A Tale of Love and Magic

Once upon a time there lived a Queer Femme Mama who had a Crotchety Rescue Dog and an adorable Superhero Son. The Queer Femme Mama was very busy. She had very little time for herself and was often tired. She would spend her days working hard rushing from job to job and then to school while her nights were all for her Superhero. The Queer Femme Mama had a full life..... but something was missing.

Miles and miles away from the Mama was a beautiful lake surrounded by even more beautiful woods. In those woods lived an Urban Ninja. The Urban Ninja was happy because the woods were filled with naughty children and she could run and play as much as she wanted.... but something was missing.

The Urban Ninja and the Queer Femme Mama were too busy with their lives to know what was missing. But a Fairy Princess (a.k.a. Alysia Gradney) guided by fate and magic brought these two together. Now they are a happy family. It's a lot of work but on hard days when goblins and dragons come out they protect each other.

The best magic for families is Love, Respect and Play.