Randy & Megan

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Tonight the crew and I will be posted in my living room floor labelling and stuffing envelopes, with the occasional break to answer the doorbell and pass out candy. Our mission is to get all 225 invitations out by FRIDAY!! I had my first fitting in my dress on October 20th, which went great (can't give away any secrets). We have all the bridesmaid dresses in, we finally decided on a tux, got the ring bearer outfits, and the flower girl outfits taken care of, and the rings ordered. Things are coming along, slowly but surely! I have started selling Mary Kay (as if I needed anything extra to do) on the side, because I have truly fallen in love with the products I have been using for the wedding! I am looking forward to expanding that business, especially AFTER the wedding, when I can finally breathe. In the next coming weeks I will be: scheduling a cake tasting, having a hair-do run-through, meeting with the caterer, throwing my Mary Kay Debut party, going to Randy's football games (they are incredible by the way!).... and trying not to become bald from stress :) I may need to visit a nice wig shop before this is over and done with. We only have one more month before we say "I-DO"!!! I hope everyone has a safe, and happy Halloween. Much love, Meg

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