Randy & Mallorey

The Stevens Side

A little bit into Mallorey's side of the family!

Collin and Janann Stevens

Dad and Mom

My parents have been married since September 2, 1978!! They met each other in 1975 through their friend Sherry, while Mom lived in Arizona and Dad lived in New Jersey! Thirty years and a long distance relationship!! That right there is enough to use their relationship to help us build ours!

Both my parents come from large families. Six on each side. The are both the 2nd child! And!! They both have 2 brothers and 3 sisters!

My Mom and Dad have been there for me and supported more than any parent should have to support a child! They have been the best parents anyone would ask for.They have grown over the years from being my parents, to being great friends.

Marin Stevens

Marin Stevens


Marin and I have definitely had an interesting relationship. When we were younger, I would never have imagined that I would have become friends with my sister. We fought more than we got along. Being 2 years apart and sharing a room obviously played a huge part in that. But now she is honestly one of my best friends. She is a very strong woman and she holds her values high.

Marin lives in downtown Chicago. Not far from where the Cubs play. She loves to go out in Chicago and try new things. When we go up to Chicago, she usually always has something planned. She works at CDW in product and partner management.

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Collin Stevens

Collin Stevens


I feel like Collin and I have always had a different relationship. Collin and I are also 2 years apart, but we are both Libras. Maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know. He is a very successful man. He worked really hard all 4 years of college and is now enjoying his life.

Collin lives in Arizona. He moved out there to go to school and has lived there ever since. Collin does commercial real estate and is traveling majority of the time. Collin likes to do just about anything. He has recently gotten into working on trucks for off roading.

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