Randy & Mallorey


We would love to get some ideas for good wedding songs! Feel free to leave us some suggestions.

Our Music

Your Arms Feel Like Home
3 Doors Down

Suggestions & Comments

Leave us your music suggestion.

Feel Good Inc

and American Boy by Estelle for Melia

I am the Lion
Neil Diamond

Play itfor yourfather Mallory-he'll love it and play He Ain't Heavy-He's my Brother

Nat & Natalie Cole

This was our wedding song. We'll be celebrating our anniversary close to your wedding date - April 1st will be 3 years for us!

i wish

fo shizzle!!!

brothrs & sisters
jerry garcia band

please play this for the stevens family-if you cannot find it i have the dvd

Step by Step
New Kids on the Block

A song by new Kids on the Block would be great. Did you see they have a new album and a greatest hits album out?

Baby Got Back
Who Cares

:O) Just kidding!