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About Chateau St. Philippe

We are absolutely blown away by the history and beauty of our wedding venue, and we can't wait to be there with you!



Chateau St. Philippe was built as a monastery in 1032 by Benedictine monks. In 1591 it was made part of the Jesuit College of Chambery and served as a secondary school. It was converted to a chateau in 1828 by Barron Charles-Albert Favier du Noyer. He demolished the western half of the property, including the chapel. The stone from the chapel was used to build the still-standing church of St. Jean de la Porte--the town closest to the chateau.

The chateau changed hands three times before it was purchased by its current American owners who completely restored the chateau and took care to honor its rich history and architectural integrity.

The chateau is located in Savoie, part of the Rhone Alps region of France, and rests on 17 acres of land with views of the spectacular French Alps. The property includes apple, cherry and lilac trees, blackberry bushes and many aromatic plants and flowers.